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topydo - A powerful todo list application for the console, using the todo.txt format.

  •    Python

topydo is a powerful todo list application using the todo.txt format. Yet, topydo is fully todo.txt compliant. The text file can be processed by other todo.txt tools (but they may not interpret the tags properly).

go-todotxt - :memo: Golang client library for todo.txt files

  •    Go

A Go todo.txt library. The todotxt package is a Go client library for Gina Trapani's todo.txt files. It allows for parsing and manipulating of task lists and tasks in the todo.txt format.

yishu - A bespoke and simple Todo.txt client.

  •    Vala

Please make sure you have these dependencies first before building.

effitask - Graphical task manager, based on the todo.txt format.

  •    Rust

Effitask is a graphical task manager, based on the todo.txt format. If you use Arch Linux, effitask is available in AUR.

todo-txt - Parser for the todo.txt format

  •    Rust

Parser for the todo.txt format.