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react-redux-isomorphic-example - An isomorphic example built with react and redux , see readme for detailed instructions

  •    Javascript

This is an isomorphic/universal example built with react and Redux which utilizes the same codebase on server and browser to correctly handle multiple requests at the same time. This example was previously built with alt and now fully migrated to redux, you might as well compare the two and see the differences.

mobx-react-todomvc - TodoMVC reference implementation on top of react-mobx-boilerplate

  •    Javascript

TodoMVC reference implementation based on React TodoMVC and mobx-react-boilerplate

golang-gin-realworld-example-app - Exemplary real world application built with Golang + Gin

  •    Go

This codebase was created to demonstrate a fully fledged fullstack application built with Golang/Gin including CRUD operations, authentication, routing, pagination, and more.

todomvc-relay-java - Relay TodoMVC with Java Backend

  •    Java

This is a port of the Relay TodoMVC example where the GraphQL JavaScript server is replaced with a Java server based on graphql-java.

tartjs-todomvc - A TodoMVC example with tartJS that focuses on performance and maintainability.

  •    Javascript

Join us on for anything about tartJS. This project aims to display the best practices of tartJS development in a single page web application. For a demo of hybrid mobile app development, take a look at the tartjs-mobile-demo repository.

riot-todo - Didactic Flux-like ES6 Todo app written using Riot.

  •    Javascript

The app is a port of my Flux Backbone Todos Example and I wrote it to learn and evaluate Riot. Apart from that the application functionality and architecture is the same.

universal-progressive-todos - A Todo list with universal JavaScript & Progressive Enhancement

  •    Javascript

This is a simple example app that renders HTML on the server and on the client using “universal” / “isomorphic” JavaScript. It’s using Node.js, React, React-Router and Redux for the rendering and the UI logic. For storing the todos on the server, it uses the key-value database LevelDB. There’s also a Preact version available in the preact branch if you prefer that over React.


  •    Javascript

Lazo is a full stack client-server web framework based on Backbone, Requirejs, and Handlebars (default template engine; you can use whatever template engine you like :)). The goal of Lazo is to provide a ‘link’ between the client and server for application views, models, and business logic allowing developer to create complex applications with ease.

todomvc-mithril - TodoMVC app using Mithril.js with CoffeeScript and Brunch

  •    CoffeeScript

This is a Mithril.js version of TodoMVC written in CoffeeScript and built with Brunch.

todo-app - Example todo app of extreme decoupling of react, redux and selectors

  •    HTML

See Extreme Decoupling React, Redux, Selectors for more details. This project integrates the todo view layer project and the todo state container project to create a functional todo app. Its primary task is to take flat, normalized, shallow state provided by the state container, and transform it into the nested, denormalized, hierarchical structures that the view demands. The mechanism by which it does this is called selectors.

todomvc-express - TodoMVC with server-side rendering

  •    Javascript

Live demo at todomvc-express.herokuapp.com/ - might be asleep, wait 10 seconds. Does not permanently store todos; they disappear when the dyno goes to sleep. Complete server-side rendering for TodoMVC using ExpressJS server and virtual-dom.

todomvc-express-and-service-worker - Server-side TodoMVC rendered with ExpressJS but running inside ServiceWorker demo

  •    Javascript

Demo at https://express-service.herokuapp.com - notice "https", runs in Chrome or Opera desktop browsers. This demo makes TodoMVC-express run inside a ServiceWorker using express-service library.

vue-vuex-todomvc - Example TodoMVC Vue.js app with Vuex store and server backend via REST

  •    Javascript

Simple TodoMVC with Vue.js and Vuex data store. Read my step by step tutorial explaining the code and this thorough blogpost how this application is tested using Cypress.

serverless-todo - React TodoMVC with a Serverless backend

  •    Javascript

React TodoMVC with a Serverless backend. © 2017-2018 Evan Chiu. This project is available under the terms of the MIT license.

mvc-todo - A haskell implementation of todoMVC

  •    Haskell

Haskell is a strongly-typed, lazily-evaluated, functional programming language. The recipe below handles the bits and bobs you need to do every re-compile. This includes a compression step via closure.

todomvc-famous - Unofficial part of TodoMVC built with Famo.us.

  •    Javascript

Unofficial part of TodoMVC built with Famo.us. The application is structured using a simple MV* architecture, but without any MV* frameworks and without any DOM library such as jQuery. Just "pure" JavaScript.

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