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angular-toastr - Angular port of CodeSeven/toastr.

  •    Javascript

NOTE: For angular 1.2.x support check angular-1.2 branch or download the 0.4.x release of angular-toastr.angular-toastr was originally a port of CodeSeven/toastr. It could now show some differences with it.

vue-toasted - โšก Responsive Touch Compatible Toast plugin for VueJS 2+

  •    Javascript

Vue Toasted is One of the Best Toast plugin available for VueJS. it is responsive, touch compatible, easy to use, attractive and feature rich with icons, actions etc... Checkout the Interactive Demo here.

jquery-toast-plugin - Highly customizable jquery plugin to show toast messages

  •    Javascript

A plugin to show highly customizable notifications to the user. Or directly download the repository and place the content of dist wherever you can access them.

react-toastr - React.js toastr component

  •    Javascript

The changelog is automatically generated via standard-version and can be found in project root as well as npm tarball.

ngx-toastr - ๐Ÿž Angular Toastr

  •    TypeScript

Don't want to use @angular/animations? See Setup Without Animations. There are individual options and global options.

ember-cli-flash - Simple, highly configurable flash messages for ember-cli

  •    Javascript

Simple, highly configurable flash messages for ember-cli. This addon is tested against the release, beta and canary channels, ~1.11.0, and 1.12.1. Because this addon makes use of attribute bindings, which were introduced in ember 1.11.0, earlier versions of ember are not compatible with the latest version.

vue-notifications - Vue.js agnostic library for non-blocking notifications

  •    Javascript

VueNotifications - agnostic library for non-blocking notifications. vue-notifications is "Vue.js agnostic non-blocking notifications library"... and it's a lie )) Seriously.

ember-toastr - Wrapper for Toastr.js notifications

  •    Javascript

A service wrapper for toastr.js with auto injection into routes, components, and controllers. โš ๏ธ Version 2.0 will probably remove the automatic injection into controllers and components in favor of service injection, and your own automatic injection.

react-native-toaster - Simple top-pop toast feedback messages for React Native, also Redux compatible

  •    Javascript

Simple top-pop toast feedback messages for React Native. Both the container View and Text element can be styled using the styles property.

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