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ReactiveUI - An advanced, composable, functional reactive model-view-viewmodel framework for all

  •    CSharp

ReactiveUI is a composable, cross-platform model-view-viewmodel framework for all .NET platforms that is inspired by functional reactive programming which is a paradigm that allows you to abstract mutable state away from your user interfaces and express the idea around a feature in one readable place and improve the testability of your application.That's reactive programming: changes propagate throughout a system automatically. Welcome to the peanut butter and jelly of programming paradigms. For further information please watch the this video from the Xamarin Evolve conference - Why You Should Be Building Better Mobile Apps with Reactive Programming by Michael Stonis.

nnstreamer - :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Neural Network (NN) Streamer, Stream Processing Paradigm for Neural Network Apps/Devices

  •    C

Neural Network Support as Gstreamer Plugins. NNStreamer is a set of Gstreamer plugins that allow Gstreamer developers to adopt neural network models easily and efficiently and neural network developers to manage neural network pipelines and their filters easily and efficiently.

cordova-tizen - Mirror of Apache Cordova Tizen

  •    Javascript

Cordova implementation for TIZEN is a JavaScript Wrapper library allowing to build and run Cordova based projects on TIZEN. Cordova based applications are, at the core, an application written with web technology: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.Apache Cordova is an open source project at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).


  •    Javascript

Welcome to the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile open source project. Titanium provides a platform for web developers to build cross-platform, native mobile applications using JavaScript. For more information on Titanium, visit http://www.appcelerator.com.This repository holds files necessary for the support of the Tizen operating system as one of the target platforms of Titanium.

awesome-smart-tv - :zap:A curated list of awesome resources for building Smart TV apps


Smart TV is a growing platform of TVs having access to internet and allowing to serf web-sites and install applications. It has own ecosystem with main players like Samsung, LG, Android TV and Apple TV. In this list you will find official and third-party resources for developing Smart TV apps and communicating with TV from remote devices.Below are the most popular platforms for Smart TV. The full list is here.

cordova-plugin-toast - Cordova plugin that provides TV Specific functionalities.

  •    Javascript

Cordova plugin that provides TV Specific functionalities. This plugin defines a global toast object, which provides an API for TV specific functionalities that is based on Cordova project.

TizenFX - C# Device APIs for Tizen

  •    CSharp

TizenFX API, which allows you to access platform-specific features not covered by the generic .NET and Xamarin.Forms features, such as system information and status, battery status, sensor date, and account and connectivity services. The master branch is the main development branch for the Tizen .NET API Level 5.

cordova-sqlite-porter - Cordova/Phonegap plugin to import/export a SQLite database using either SQL or JSON

  •    Javascript

This Cordova/Phonegap plugin can be used to import/export to/from a SQLite database using either SQL or JSON. I dedicate a considerable amount of my free time to developing and maintaining this Cordova plugin, along with my other Open Source software. To help ensure this plugin is kept updated, new features are added and bugfixes are implemented quickly, please donate a couple of dollars (or a little more if you can stretch) as this will help me to afford to dedicate time to its maintenance. Please consider donating if you're using this plugin in an app that makes you money, if you're being paid to make the app, if you're asking for new features or priority bug fixes.

homebridge-samsung-tizen - Homebridge plugin for Samsung TV's with Tizen OS

  •    Javascript

NOTE: This plugin works only with Samsung TV's that have Tizen Operating System. This is a plugin for homebridge. It allows you to control your Samsung TV with HomeKit and Siri.

appium-tizen-driver - Appium Tizen Driver is a test automation tool for Tizen devices

  •    Javascript

Appium Tizen Driver is a test automation tool for Tizen devices. Appium Tizen Driver automates .NET applications, tested on emulators and real devices. Appium Tizen Driver is part of the Appium mobile test automation tool.

ReactiveMvvm - Cross-platform app demonstrating Fody and ReactiveUI usage with most popular GUI frameworks

  •    CSharp

Cross-platform app demonstrating Fody and ReactiveUI usage with most popular GUI frameworks. Originally built for Reactive MVVM talk on MSK .NET conf #19.

Pontoon - A Flexible Bridge to the Universal Windows Platform

  •    CSharp

Please use GitHub issues for questions or comments. Do you want to contribute? Here are our contribution guidelines.

nnstreamer-example - Example applications of nnstreamer

  •    C

This repository shows developers how to create their applications with nnstreamer/gstreamer. We recommend to install nnstreamer by downloading prebuilt binary packages from Launchpad/PPA (Ubuntu) or Download.Tizen.org (Tizen). If you want to build nnstreamer in your system for your example application builds, pdebuild (Ubuntu) with PPA or gbs (Tizen) are recommended for building nnstreamer. This repository has been detached from nnstreamer.git to build examples independently from the nnstreamer source code since Jan-09-2019. *note: nnstreamer-example ppa was integrated into nnstreamer ppa.

nntrainer - NNtrainer is Software Framework for Training Neural Network Models on Devices.

  •    C++

NNtrainer is a Software Framework for training Neural Network models on devices. NNtrainer is an Open Source Project. The aim of the NNtrainer is to develop a Software Framework to train neural network models on embedded devices which have relatively limited resources. Rather than training whole layers of a network, NNtrainer trains only one or a few layers of the layers added after a feature extractor.


  •    TypeScript

create-tizen-app is a wizard tool for helping to configure and make a tizen web application. If you are a developer who prefers commonjs style or typescript language, It would be the best solution to create tizen web application easily. It also supports the way to use Samsung TV Product API, Tizen common API as a Commonjs style or typescript. create-tizen-app can create your tizen web application with configuration what you select. You can select language, bundler, editor and even live reloading tool (WITs).

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