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JanusGraph - Distributed graph database

  •    Java

JanusGraph is a highly scalable graph database optimized for storing and querying large graphs with billions of vertices and edges distributed across a multi-machine cluster. JanusGraph is a transactional database that can support thousands of concurrent users, complex traversals, and analytic graph queries.

database - Blazegraph High Performance Graph Database

  •    Java

Blazegraph™ DB is our ultra high-performance graph database supporting Blueprints and RDF/SPARQL APIs. It supports up to 50 Billion edges on a single machine and has a High Availability and Scale-out architecture. It is in production use for customers such as EMC, Syapse, Wikidata Query Service, the British Museum, and many others. GPU acceleration and High Availability (HA) are available in the Enterprise edition. It contains war, jar, deb, rpm, and tar.gz deployment artifacts.

janusgraph-docker - Yet another JanusGraph, Cassandra and Elasticsearch in Docker Compose setup

  •    Shell

Note that a version of Docker Compose with support for version 3 schemas is required, e.g. 1.15.0. The python-test subdirectories contains some simplistic Python scripts to test communication with JanusGraph.

gizmo - OGM

  •    Python

Gizmo is a lightweight asynchronous Python 3.5+ Object Graph Mapper (O.G.M.) for the Tinkerpop Rexster graphs. Gizmo starts and ends with Gremlin/Groovy. It is made up of entity, mapper, query, request, response, and other objects whose job is to convert pure Python to a Gremlin/Groovy string to be executed on a server.

gremlin-node - Implementation of Gremlin for node.js

  •    Javascript

NOTE: This project is no longer being maintained. The project owners instead now use ts-tinkerpop, which takes advantage of ts-java. We suggest you take a look at those two projects. Implementation of Gremlin for node.js. Gremlin-node is a javascript wrapper around the Gremlin API. The node-java module provides the bridge between node and Java.

titan-node - Wrapper around gremlin-node to provide out of the box support for Titan graph database

  •    Javascript

Wrapper project around gremlin-node to provide out of the box support for the Titan graph database.

mod-tinkerpop-persistor - Vert.x 2.x Persistor Module for Tinkerpop-compatible Graph Databases

  •    Java

A simple database persistence module for Vert.x that uses Tinkerpop Blueprints and Tinkerpop Gremlin to communicate to the underlying graph database.

cypher-for-gremlin - Cypher for Gremlin adds Cypher support to any Gremlin graph database.

  •    Java

Cypher for Gremlin is a toolkit for users of Apache TinkerPop™ that allows querying Gremlin databases with Cypher, the industry's most widely used property graph query language defined and maintained by the openCypher project. The fastest way to start experimenting with Cypher for Gremlin is with the Gremlin Console Cypher plugin. Follow the link for installation and usage instructions.

gremlin-javascript - JavaScript tools for graph processing in Node

  •    Javascript

JavaScript tools for graph processing in Node.js and the browser inspired by the Apache TinkerPop API

gremlin-template-string - Generate Gremlin scripts with bound parameters using ES6 template strings

  •    Javascript

Generate Gremlin scripts with bound parameters using ES6 template strings. Gremlin is a graph database query language used by the Apache TinkerPop framework.

grex - JavaScript graph database client for TinkerPop2 Rexster

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript TinkerPop Rexster 2.x+ client for Node.js and the browser. gRex helps you send Gremlin queries via HTTP to Rexster with the Gremlin extension enabled. The library supports script engine bindings and server-side scripts.

tinkergraph-js - A pure JavaScript implementation of TinkerPop's TinkerGraph in-memory graph database

  •    Javascript

A pure JavaScript implementation of the TinkerGraph in-memory graph database from the Apache TinkerPop framework that works in Node.js and in the browser. This library is rather low-level as it only exposes a raw property graph data structure (more formally: a directed, binary, attributed multi-graph). It is perfectly fine for use if your library needs an in-memory data structure with a simple public API. If you're looking for a higher level graph data structure, checkout the Gremlin JavaScript implementation of TinkerGraph: gremlin-tinkergraph.

ts-tinkerpop - Utilities for using Tinkerpop3 via the node-java API in Typescript

  •    TypeScript

A helper library for Typescript applications using TinkerPop 3 via node-java, with a tsJavaModule.ts interface generated by ts-java. Import the ts-tinkerpop module, giving it a short name of your choice. Do this everywhere you want to use functions from the ts-tinkerpop module.

goblin - A Python 3.5 rewrite of the TinkerPop 3 OGM Goblin

  •    Python

Developers note: The original Goblin was a TinkerPop 3 ready port of Cody Lee's mogwai, an excellent library that had been developed for use with pre-TinkerPop 3 versions of Titan. We designed Goblin to provide asynchronous programming abstractions that would work using any version of Python 2.7 + with a variety of asynchronous I/O libraries (Tornado, Asyncio, Trollius). While in theory this was great, we found that in our effort to promote compatibility we lost out on many of the features the newer Python versions provide to help developers deal with asynchronous programming. Our code base became large and made heavy use of callbacks, and nearly all methods and functions returned some sort of Future. This created both a clunky user API, and a code base that was difficult to reason about and maintain. So, we decided to rewrite Goblin from scratch...

awesome-tinkerpop - A curated list of useful libraries for Apache TinkerPop3 and Tinkerpop2


A curated list of only awesome TinkerPop libraries on Github. Apache TinkerPop™ is a graph computing framework for both graph databases (OLTP) and graph analytic systems (OLAP).


  •    Java

SteelBridge Labs Neo4J Gremlin (Bolt) integration

gremlex - Elixir Client for Gremlin (Apache TinkerPop™)

  •    Elixir

An Elixir client for Apache TinkerPop™ aka Gremlin. The two main modules that you'll want to use are Gremlex.Graph and Gremlex.Client.