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jQuery Detect TimeZone Plugin

This jQuery plugin leverages Jon Nylander's jstimezonedetect (based on work by Josh Fraser). It could able to set the current timezone value by calling .val on the selector. This generally assumes the selector is an input (text or hidden). It is also retrieves current browser timezone.

C4F - Timezone Changer

This is an extension for my MEF Utility Runner to change your system time zone based on your current location. Uses Windows 7 location feature. This project has been written as part of an MSDN Coding 4 Fun article in both C# and VB.

luatz - Time, Date and Timezone library for lua

A lua library for time and date manipulation.Supported under Lua 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and LuaJIT.

timezone - Timezone app turning location and unix timestamp into timezone and local time.

Our timezone app turns your location and timestamp into timezone and local time. Thus, if you need local time in your application, just ask GraphHopper timezone. It is microservice you can run wherever you like.

rcppcctz - Rcpp interface to CCTZ library

CCTZ (C++ Time Zone) is an excellent (yet small) C++11 library for translating between absolute times and civil times using the rules defined by a time zone. See its repository (as well as code) for very detailed documentation. CCTZ is being developed by Google but not an officially endorsed product.This package wraps CCTZ for use by R via Rcpp.