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tzdb - 🕰 Simplified, grouped and always up to date list of time zones, with major cities

  •    Javascript

The data and npm packages are automatically updated whenever there are changes to https://www.geonames.org/ which is generated from IANA databases. This is useful whenever you want to build a time zone select menu in your application.

date-time-format-timezone - Surgically polyfills timezone support in Intl.DateTimeFormat API

  •    Javascript

Some browsers do not support arbitrary time zone in Intl.DateTimeFormat API (becuase its optional as per ECMA-402 standard). This polyfill is only to bring this support. Polyfill contains historical timezone data, CLDR data & tiny code to polyfill this support.This polyfill can add this support.

team-time-zone - Distributed teams are awesome. Time zones are awful.

  •    Javascript

This app helps you work out what time it is for everyone on your team. Just sign in with Slack to sync up your team, and see what time it is for all your coworkers. See also the team-time-zone-backend repository, which provides the last step of authentication.

cronrange - time range expression in cron style

  •    Go

cronrange is a Go package for time range expression in Cron style. In a nutshell, CronRange expression is a combination of Cron expression and time duration to represent periodic time ranges, i.e. Cron for TimeRange. And it made easier to tell if the moment falls within the any time ranges (use IsWithin() method), and what's the next occurrence (use NextOccurrences() method).

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