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redux-undo - :recycle: higher order reducer to add undo/redo functionality to redux state containers

  •    Javascript

Protip: Check out the todos-with-undo example or the redux-undo-boilerplate to quickly get started with redux-undo. Switching from 0.x to 1.0 (beta): Make sure to update your programs to the latest History API.

remote-redux-devtools - Redux DevTools remotely.

  •    Javascript

Use Redux DevTools remotely for React Native, hybrid, desktop and server side Redux apps. Note: for Windows use remote-redux-devtools@0.5.0 (newer versions will not work due to a Windows issue fixed in react-native).

redux-devtools - DevTools for Redux with hot reloading, action replay, and customizable UI

  •    Javascript

Note that the implemention in this repository is different from Redux DevTools Extension. Please refer to the latter for browser extension. Redux DevTools is a development time package that provides power-ups for your Redux development workflow. Be careful to strip its code in production (see walkthrough for instructions)! To use Redux DevTools, you need to choose a “monitor”—a React component that will serve as a UI for the DevTools. Different tasks and workflows require different UIs, so Redux DevTools is built to be flexible in this regard. We recommend using LogMonitor for inspecting the state and time travel, and wrap it in a DockMonitor to quickly move it across the screen. That said, when you’re comfortable rolling up your own setup, feel free to do this, and share it with us.

redux-bug-reporter - :bug: A bug reporter and bug playback tool for redux. :bug:

  •    Javascript

Redux Bug Reporter puts minimal overhead on redux actions. However, it does keep copies of initial state, final state on bug submission, and full copies of all actions dispatched. For an application with heavy actions (such as network requests with large payloads) or very frequent actions, Redux Bug Reporter will gradually take up more and more memory. As such, it's probably a good idea to disable in production by default. The examples below demonstrate the expected common behavior of only enabling Redux Bug Reporter in non-production environments. Redux Bug Reporter disables itself by default if window is undefined, so it will not negatively impact server side renders.

redux-ignore - :recycle: higher-order reducer to ignore redux actions

  •    Javascript

Now you won't be able to increment the counter anymore, because the INCREMENT_COUNTER action is ignored. Have a read of the Implementing Undo History recipe in the Redux documents, which explains in detail how higher-order reducers work.

dontbug - Dontbug is a reverse debugger for PHP

  •    Go

Dontbug is a reverse debugger (aka time travel debugger) for PHP. It allows you to record the execution of PHP scripts (in command line mode or in the browser) and replay the same execution back in a PHP IDE debugger. During replay you may debug normally (forward mode debugging) or in reverse, which allows you to step over/out backwards, step backwards, run backwards, run to cursor backwards, set breakpoints in the past and so forth. Debugging with the ability to run in reverse allows you to hunt down bugs much more easily. It also allows you to understand the runtime behavior of large PHP codebases more efficiently.

redux-devtools-dock-monitor - A resizable and movable dock for Redux DevTools monitors

  •    Javascript

A resizable and movable dock for Redux DevTools. Powered by React Dock. Read how to start using Redux DevTools.

redux-devtools-log-monitor - The default monitor for Redux DevTools with a tree view

  •    Javascript

The default monitor for Redux DevTools with a tree view. It shows a log of states and actions, and lets you change their history. Then you can render <DevTools> to any place inside app or even into a separate popup window.

mobx-remotedev - MobX DevTools extension

  •    Javascript

See counter, simple-todo and todomvc examples. Also see the extension API and my presentation at React Europe.

redux-devtools-bubbles-monitor - An unobtrusive monitor for Redux DevTools.

  •    Javascript

Redux actions are displayed as they are dispacted. The type of the action is shown along with the payload and other properties of the action. If an object is nested, only the top level keys are shown. Error actions are shown as red alert notifications. Redux internal actions, including those from redux router are shown as blue info notifications.

tardis - A time travelling library for .net

  •    CSharp

Time is relative, but the dotnet platform makes writing testable code dealing with timings hard, as all members are static. This leads to the widespread use of framework-specific abstractions, requiring implementing ISystemClock once per framework.

redux-devtools-filter-actions - Redux DevTools composable monitor with the ability to filter actions

  •    Javascript

A composable monitor for Redux DevTools with the ability to specify actions to be hidden (blacklisted) or shown (whitelisted). Also, you can wrap it into the DockMonitor to make it dockable.

redux-devtools-instrument - Redux DevTools instrumentation

  •    Javascript

Redux enhancer used along with Redux DevTools or Remote Redux DevTools.

redux-devtools-test-generator - Generate tests right in Redux DevTools.

  •    Javascript

Watch my presentation at React Europe to see how it works. If you use Redux DevTools Extension, Remote Redux DevTools or RemoteDev, it's already there, and no additional actions required.

remotedev - Remote debugging for any flux architecture.

  •    Javascript

Monitoring flux app's actions along with states to a remote monitor. Meant to be used even in production with any flux architecture for web, universal, React Native, hybrid, desktop and server side apps. See the examples for different flux architectures.

meiosis-tracer - Trace, rewind, and replay snapshots of streams.

  •    Javascript

NEW: VERSION 2 - improved UI, can work with any stream, even outside of the Meiosis pattern; no longer requires meiosis as a dependency. Meiosis-Tracer is a development and debugging tool that traces, rewinds, and replays snapshots of streams such as flyd, Mithril, RxJS, most.js, and so on.

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