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InvoiceNinja - Invoices, Expenses, Tasks and Proposals built with Laravel

  •    PHP

Invoice Ninja was built to serve freelancers and business owners with a complete suite of invoicing & payment tools to advance your business. Instead of using Word documents, nondescript PayPal forms, or overpriced software, with Invoice Ninja you can send beautiful branded invoices with minimum of effort and maximum professionalism.

Hours - Time registration that doesn't suck

  •    Ruby

Hours is a dead simple project based time tracking application that we use for internal time-tracking. It allows users to register how many hours they've worked on a project with a certain category (think design, software development, testing for software teams) and add any tag they like to it. This gives us a lot of insight on how we spend our time on different projects.

Thyme - Automatically track which applications you use and for how long

  •    Go

Spice up your day-to-day productivity with some free Thyme, courtesy of the team at Sourcegraph (the best way to read and explore code). Automatically track which applications you use and for how long. It provides detailed charts that let you profile how you spend your time.

gtm - Simple, seamless, lightweight time tracking for Git

  •    Go

GTM is automatic, seamless and lightweight. There is no need to remember to start and stop timers. It runs on occasion to capture activity triggered by your editor. The time metrics are stored locally with the git repository as Git notes and can be pushed to the remote repository.Simply install a plugin for your favorite editor and the GTM command line utility to start tracking your time now.


  •    DotNet

TweetMyApps automatically Monitors And Tweets Your Computer Usage. TweetMyApps records in real-time (as a time-tracker) which application you have been using and for how long. Tweet can be detailled (application level) or summarized (type of applications).

Windows 7 Gadget for Roninapp


This gadget provides an ability to track time for Roninapp account.

Time Insight


An application that helps you to fight your attention disorders. Gives notifications if you are not using your PC for what you wanted to use it.



A small desktop .NET application that asks you what your doing at a given interval. It is very annoying and thus works really well!

Project Server 2007 Timesheet & Statusing Customization Samples


Code samples that demonstrate how EPM (Project Server) 2007 Timesheet and Statusing functionalities could be customized using custom event handlers and Project Server Interface calls. These samples leverage the Timesheeting and Statusing API documented in the EPM 2007 SDK

Easy Projects .NET Timer


Timer is an EP .NET API demo application. The application is develoved based on Easy Projects .NET Http Client.

Independence - Consulting Time Tracking and Billing ASP.NET Project

  •    ASPNET

The goal of the the Independence Project is to create a very simple interface for consultants to track time on projects and bill for projects. Although there are a lot of solutions for this out there, they tend to fairly complex...simplicity is the goal with Independence.



VSTime is a utility that tracks events in Visual Studio. The VSTime toolwindow displays how much time you spent editing files, debugging, and building your project, and displays total time spent on a solution.

Toggl Time Traking for Windows Phone 7


Toggl is a web application that provides an easy way to track time spent on projects. It works well for both teams and freelancers.

time-track - A time-tracking commandline app.

  •    Javascript

Time is money, right? A few things that aims to help tracking your time.Currently the default reporter log csv data to console. tt -r > myreport.csv will write a csv file down to filesystem. Check out the default reporter and create your own. Then use it with tt -r my-custom-reporter.js.

phpreport - Web tool for project time tracking and XP project management.

  •    Javascript

PhpReport is a web application for time tracking, which provides useful statistics about users, projects, and more. The application is focused on companies or any situation where multiple people collaborate on a project. PhpReport allows managers to see project-level statistics such as cost and deviation, as well as user-level statistics like number of days worked and unused vacation days. In addition, it also includes tools for scheduling projects using extreme programming (XP) methodologies.