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electron-timber - Pretty logger for Electron apps

  •    Javascript

By default, logs from the renderer process don't show up in the terminal. Now they do.You can use this module directly in both the main and renderer process.


  •    Javascript

##Requirements You must be using Timber for WordPress. ##Installation run npm install --save wp-timber-cli inside your root WordPress theme directory.

timber-loggly - A Timber tree that posts to Loggly

  •    Java

A Timber tree for asynchronously posting log messages to Loggly. Snapshots of the development version are available in Sonatype's snapshots repository.

dijifi-theme - A WordPress theme for the DiJiFi site redesign, created with Timber.

  •    CSS

An "open redesign" of dijifi.com. What an awesome client to be like, "Yeah, put the code on up"! Sooo much I want to write about with this project, but it will have to launch first. And an initial implementation of the Timber Starter Kit (which maybe needs a less generic name, as it may become less generic).

bigbang - Android base project used by Xmartlabs team

  •    Java

This is Xmartlabs Android base project. Architecturally composed of a set of libraries for building modern and scalable applications from the ground up. The BigBang of our Android projects. In order to keep modules independent, we decoupled the behavior required for each layer into a single module, where everything comes together smoothly, which we call core. This not only allows you to choose which modules to use, but also gives you independence from any service or database oriented libraries we use.

slf4j-timber - SLF4J binding for Jake Wharton's Timber Android logging library

  •    Java

Don't forget to plant tree to Timber, check Timber usage. Note: timber and slf4j-api are the transitive dependencies of slf4j-timber, so you don't need to take care of them in Maven POM and Gradle build script.

generator-android-starter - Generates bootstrapping code using open source libs

  •    Java

This generator will create a skeleton Android app built atop a collection of awesome Android libraries by Square using a single Activity/multiple view style. The project also generates with a set of extremely useful test helper classes and static methods along with example tests showing how to use them.

FoodSearch - Showcase project of MVP+Dagger+RxJava+StorIO

  •    Java

It makes use of the most popular and hyped pattern in Android these days. Dagger + MVP + RxJava. StorIO for my DAO Implementation.

DebugOverlay-Android - Android library to display various debugging information in an overlay window

  •    Java

DebugOverlay is an Android library that allows developers to easily add custom overlay window/view for debugging purpose. You can use it to show some performance related metrics such as cpu, memory, and fps. Or you can show logcat messages within your app for light debugging.

react-query-assist - Query assist component for React.

  •    Javascript

A smart search bar for React that comes with built-in autocomplete and token visualization. emotion is a peer dependency of this library to allow for easy custom styling.

timber-js - 🌲 Great Node/JS logging made easy

  •    TypeScript

Timber.io is a hosted service for aggregating logs across your entire stack - any language, any platform, any data source. Unlike traditional logging tools, Timber integrates with language runtimes to automatically capture in-app context, turning your text-based logs into rich structured events. Timber integrates with Node / Javascript through this library. And Timber's rich free-form query tools and real-time tailing, make drilling down into important stats easier than ever.

Slimber - Built upon Timber. Without performance penality.

  •    Kotlin

has one big advantage: The whole block will only be executed when you are in debug mode. If you pass anything to Timber, the String itself and the precalculations will be created. Even if you never planted a tree. And this is where Slimber comes into play: It uses Kotlins inline capabilities so we can archieve the no-cost-effect because the whole block is executed only when there are trees planted. And remember: In Kotlin you can specify the last function in an arugment of a function outside the parentheses.

agent - 🌲 Highly efficient agent that streams logs (files and STDIN) to your Timber account.

  •    Go

The Timber Agent is a cross-platform natively-compiled utility for capturing log data (file & STDIN) and sending it to Timber.io. It is designed to be light weight, highly efficient, and reliable without the need for dependencies. All releases can be found here. Special URLs that point to the current releases can be found here.

log-event-json-schema - A simple and straightforward JSON schema for logging structured events


The purpose of this schema is to define a simple structure for log events. It solves the unpredictable, brittle nature of logs by creating a contract around its structure. This normalizes log data across applications and teams making it easy for downstream consumers of this data (graphs, alerts, etc) to use it effectively. It eliminates unexpected structure changes, improves data consumption reliability, and ultimately makes your logs reliable. This schema is used internally at Timber and across thousands of companies with success. It's the foundational reason the Timber logging platform is able to provide a great user experience out of the box. It enables us to make assumptions about your data and work with predictable structures. There's no reason any consumer of this data, even your own internal ones, can't get the same benefit.

timber-elixir - 🌲 Great Elixir logging made easy.

  •    Elixir

Timber for Elixir is a drop in backend for the Elixir Logger that unobtrusively augments your logs with rich metadata and context making them easier to search, use, and read. It pairs with the Timber console to deliver a tailored Elixir logging experience designed to make you more productive. In your shell, run mix deps.get && mix timber.install.