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TiddlyWiki5 - A self-contained JavaScript wiki for the browser, Node.js, AWS Lambda etc.

  •    Javascript

Welcome to TiddlyWiki, a non-linear personal web notebook that anyone can use and keep forever, independently of any corporation. TiddlyWiki is a complete interactive wiki in JavaScript. It can be used as a single HTML file in the browser or as a powerful Node.js application. It is highly customisable: the entire user interface is itself implemented in hackable WikiText.

TiddlyDesktop - A custom browser for TiddlyWiki, based on nw.js

  •    Javascript

TiddlyDesktop is a special purpose web browser for working with locally stored TiddlyWikis. See http://tiddlywiki.com/ for more details of TiddlyWiki. Note that TiddlyDesktop will not work correctly from a Windows UNC network share (eg \\MY-SERVER\SHARE\MyFolder). You should map the network share to a local drive, and run it from there.

tiddlywiki-remotestorage - a syncadaptor plugin that saves tiddlers on custom remoteStorage directories

  •    Javascript

Works anywhere, just grab the plugin on $:/plugins/fiatjaf/remoteStorage, save, reload, optionally change your preferences on $:/plugins/fiatjaf/remoteStorage/config and you'll be good to go. Your tiddlers will be saved on /public/tiddlers/<chosen-namespace>/.