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rpi-thermometer - WebUI for a Raspberry Pi thermometer

  •    Javascript

WebUI for a Raspberry Pi thermometer writen in Node.js, measurring the temperature in the room. You can use the /measure endpoint to measure the current temperature and automatically write it to a sqlite3 db file. I suggest you add it to cron.

react-thermometer - a simple thermometer gauge component (does not tell temperature)

  •    Javascript

the number to represent the lowest point on the thermometer, effectively the 0 point. the fill color of the thermometer.

react-native-sensor-manager - Native sensors access for react-native

  •    Java

Wrapper for react-native. Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Orientation, Step Counter, Thermometer, LightSensor, and Proximity Sensor are supported for now.

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