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jMonkeyEngine - 3D Game Engine in Java

jMonkeyEngine is a game engine made for developers who want to create 3D games following modern technology standards. It helps to create games that run on any OpenGL 2 and 3-ready device with the Java Virtual Machine – web, desktop, or mobile. It supports Shaders, Lighting, Physics, Special Effects, Texturing, Terrian and lot more.


This is an Asteroids clone developed with XNA Framework from Microsoft in C#. Asteroids is an classic arcade computer game from the end of the 80s. Aim of the game is to destroy as much asteroids as possible.

parse-dds - parses the headers of a DDS texture file

Parses DDS texture headers in Node and the browser.This was adapted from @toji's wonderful webgl-texture-utils.

matcap - GLSL shaders for calculating/rendering Spherical Environment Maps, or "matcaps"

GLSL shaders for calculating/rendering Spherical Environment Maps, or "matcaps".For more information, check out Creating a Spherical Reflection/Environment Mapping shader, which was used as a reference when writing this module and the demo.

gl-sprite-batch - a high level "sprite" batch

This is a high level 2D sprite (i.e. textured quad) batcher, ideal for optimized rendering of text glyphs, particles, sprites, rectangles/lines, icons, etc. It tries to push as many sprites into the same draw call as possible, until the capacity is reached or the texture changes. This allows it to take advantage of texture atlases for minimal draw calls.Note that shape and texture are not actual vertex attributes, although they may affect each sprite.

gl-vignette-background - a soft gradient background in WebGL

Also see three-vignette-background for a ThreeJS version of this module, with a slightly different API and noise algorithm.See demo/index.js for a full-screen example.

glsl-checker - repeating checker GLSL pattern

GLSL utility for checkered patterns.Creates a checkered n x n pattern with the given UV coordinates, returning a float 0.0 or 1.0.

glsl-matrix-texture - read matrices from a texture

If you have many differing meshes you want to render on the same draw call where each mesh has its own model matrix, this technique could be useful.If you want to render the same geometry many times with different matricies, instancing may be a more appropriate technique.

gl-render-text - Renders text to a WebGL texture

Renders text into a WebGL texture so you can draw it. Creates a gl-texture2d object containing a rendering of the given string.

isabella-texture-pack - Isabella texture pack for voxel games

A require()-able version of the Isabella Minecraft texture pack. The resulting image is exposed as an ndarray.


A set of Painterly textures to be used for games.

glsl-cos-palette - glsl function for making cosine palettes

where a,b,c,d are RGB-colors. This function can be used to make very compact color palettes. A simple editor for making such palettes is provided here. Credit goes to Inigo Quilez for coming up with this technique.

glsl-worley - Worley noise implementation for WebGL shaders

From this module, a GLSL implementation of Worley Noise written by Stefan Gustavson can be imported. worley3D is defined as vec2 worley3D(vec3 P, float jitter, bool manhattanDistance). It returns a vec2 where x is F1 and y is F2(it is assumed that the reader knows the meaning of these two). P is the input point, jitter is the amount of jitter in the pattern, and if manhattanDistance is true, then a manhattan distance is used to generate the pattern, instead of the usual Euclidean distance(this basically makes the noise appear more "jagged").

NormalmapGenerator - A simple program that converts images into normal maps

This is a program to generate normal-, spec- and displacementmaps from image textures in one go. It supports stack processing and a few other nice features, but has some rough edges and is still in development. See the releases section. Usually there are Windows (32 bit) and Linux (64 bit) binaries available on each release.