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textmate - TextMate is a graphical text editor for macOS 10.9+

  •    Objective-C++

You can download TextMate from here. You can use the TextMate mailing list or #textmate IRC channel on freenode.net for questions, comments, and bug reports.

CotEditor - Lightweight Plain-Text Editor for macOS

  •    Swift

CotEditor is a lightweight plain-text editor for macOS. CotEditor is a pure document-based Cocoa application written in Swift.

XML Notepad

  •    DotNet

XML Notepad 2007 provides a simple intuitive User Interface for browsing and editing XML documents.



A Source Code Editor writen By VisualBasic.Net [Not use ICSharpCode]



simple text editor with notes organized with help of tree-view control.

DotNetNuke® Text/HTML


Text/HTML for DotNetNuke. The Swiss Army Knife of modules!

insert - A (potentially) great code editor for iOS, targeting the iPad. Likely written in Swift.

  •    Swift

There exists few great code editors for iOS — I've tried them all. My current favorites are the excellent GoCoEdit and relatively reasonable Coda. This project is an experiment, to see how hard it is to throw something together that is reasonable. Most attempts at doing so are pathetic, so I'd like to take a shot at it. I understand that this is no easy task, so I may very well walk away from this — this is just an idea. I've been looking for something to do lately, and this seems like a great way to learn a few new things.


  •    CSharp

Extended version based on ICSharpCode.TextEditor which support Search/Replace and Goto

novim-mode - Plugin to make Vim behave more like a 'normal' editor

  •    Vim

Some, indeed many, may say this is counter-productive or even sacrilegious. But Vim is a lot more than just a keybinding paradigm; firstly it has one of the richest plugin ecosystems of any editor, but also it is a -if not the most- ubiquitous text editor that's been battle tested for over 25 years. There are more reasons to use it than merely its famous shortcut vocabulary. This plugin is an attempt to expose everything else about Vim without the overhead of cultivating Normal Mode fluency. This is not a rebellion, it is merely a manifestation of the distinction between Vim the editor and Vim the keybinding paradigm. Please do not dismiss Normal Mode just because this plugin exists, give vimtutor a try, modal editing is popular for a reason.

ansible-role-cryptpad - Ansible role to install & maintain cryptpad


Install and maintain an Cryptpad service. This role will setup an cryptpad service running on