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awesome-alfred-workflows - A curated list of awesome alfred workflows


A curated list of Awesome Alfred Workflows. Alfred is a productivity app for macOS that boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords and text expansion.

TF - AutoHotkey library for Text files & Variables (strings)

  •    AutoHotkey

As the name suggest this is an AutoHotkey (AHK) Library with a number of functions to "manipulate" text, both files such as *.txt, *.ahk, *.html, *.css etc AND Strings (or variables). For example you can delete specific lines, replace words or specific lines, number lines, remove or insert columns of text, etc. See the list of functions below for a complete overview. To understand how to work with files and variables please read the "Textfile and the ! Prefix" and "Files & Variables" sections below.

deleft.vim - Delete a wrapping if-clause, try-catch block, etc. and shift left.

  •    Vim

So, the mapping/command deletes the opening and closing HTML tag and shifts the code to the left (hence the name "deleft", from "delete left"). Note that dh is a built-in mapping, but it's a synonym to x, so I'm okay with overwriting it. Set g:deleft_mapping to "" (or whatever else you like) to avoid this.

JSONComma - A Sublime Text plugin to deal with those damn JSON commas!

  •    Python

JSONComma is a really simple but helpful plugin that, as it's name says, helps managing those damn commas in json. If there is no selection (to be correct, it'd be no non-empty selection), it will format the entire file.

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