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Bogus - :card_index: A simple and sane fake data generator for C#, F#, and VB

  •    CSharp

Hello. I'm your host Brian Chavez (twitter). Bogus is a simple and sane fake data generator for .NET languages like C#, F# and VB.NET. Bogus is fundamentally a C# port of faker.js and inspired by FluentValidation's syntax sugar.Minimum Requirements: .NET Standard 1.3 or .NET Framework 4.0.

simply-test-data - Subtle test data factory with flexible capabilities to customize created objects

  •    CSharp

It is a single file with about one hundred lines. Just copy/paste it locally and include into your test project. Set up permanent customizations per type to be always applied on-the-fly to objects being created. Define and apply additional ad-hoc customizations specific to particular test case.