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PJON - PJON® is an open-source network protocol compatible with Arduino, ESP8266, STM32, Teensy, Raspberry Pi, Linux and Windows

  •    C++

PJON® (Padded Jittering Operative Network) is an Arduino compatible, multi-master, multi-media network protocol. It proposes a Standard, it is designed as a framework and implements a totally software emulated network protocol stack that can be easily cross-compiled on many architectures like ATtiny, ATmega, ESP8266, ESP32, STM32, Teensy, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows x86 and Apple machines. It is a valid tool to quickly and comprehensibly build a network of devices. Visit wiki and documentation to know more about the PJON Standard. Feel free to send a pull request sharing something you have made that could help. If you want to support us you can also try to solve an issue. Thank you for your support.

ferret - Ferret is a free software lisp implementation for real time embedded control systems.

  •    Makefile

Ferret is a free software lisp implementation designed to be used in real time embedded control systems. Ferret lisp compiles down to self contained C++11. Generated code is portable between any Operating System and/or Microcontroller that supports a C++11 compliant compiler. It has been verified to run on architectures ranging from embedded systems with as little as 2KB of RAM to general purpose computers running Linux/Mac OS X/Windows. A program that sums the first 5 positive numbers.

rf1101se-teensy - Driving one of those cheap RF1101SE boards with a Arduino or Teensy

  •    C++

Hi! This is my repo for learning about microcontrollers and packetised radio with the CC1101 by Texas Instruments chip driven by 'Arduino-compatible' devices. You're going to want to have at least one (or a dozen) of these really really cheap RF1101SE radio module based on a Texas Instruments CC1101 chip (that's the one with no MCU and no USB, just the radio).

ArtNode - Art-Net library for Arduino, Teensy, etc.

  •    C

C++ library providing data structures and classes for implementing an Art-Net node on various platforms, including Arduino, Teensy, and similar embedded devices. Please note that this library does not include a network layer interface for UDP. The code in this repository is available under the Apache License.

TPMGenie - TPM Genie is an I2C bus interposer for discrete Trusted Platform Modules

  •    C++

TPM Genie is designed to aid in vulnerability research of Trusted Platform Modules. As a serial bus interposer, TPM Genie is capable of intercepting and modifying all traffic that is sent across the I2C channel between the host machine and a discrete TPM chip. Outside of research, the threat model demonstrated by TPM Genie would require an attacker to have temporary physical access to the affected machine in order to implant the interposer device. Such an attack could be conducted in an "Evil Maid" scenario, by a rogue employee in a datacenter containing TPM enabled enterprise servers, or by a supply chain interdiction attack in the style of those found in the NSA ANT catalog of hardware implants.

platform-teensy - Teensy: development platform for PlatformIO

  •    Python

Teensy is a complete USB-based microcontroller development system, in a very small footprint, capable of implementing many types of projects. All programming is done via the USB port. No special programmer is needed, only a standard USB cable and a PC or Macintosh with a USB port. Please navigate to documentation.

TeensyMultiPayload - Execute multiple payloads on the Teensy without re-flashing

  •    Arduino

TeensyMultiPayload is a program for the [Teensy] (https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/) that allows you to execute multiple payloads for multiple operating systems in seconds with different key presses. The examples left in the code are a PowerShell command ready to be modified for Invoke-Shellcode, a fork bomb to crash windows, and a perl backdoor for OSX.

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