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mTCP - A Highly Scalable User-level TCP Stack for Multicore Systems

  •    C

mTCP is a high-performance user-level TCP stack for multicore systems. Scaling the performance of short TCP connections is fundamentally challenging due to inefficiencies in the kernel. mTCP addresses these inefficiencies from the ground up - from packet I/O and TCP connection management all the way to the application interface. It translates expensive system calls to shared memory access between two threads within the same CPU core.

Get simpler, simpler, and simpler

  •    CSharp

UI = Uzing + Inklude Uzing : Utility classes for .Net written in C# Inklude : Utility classes written in native C++ It supports very low level communications, but in very simple way. Current Capability - TCP, UDP, Thread in C# & C++ - String in C++ - Shared memo...


  •    DotNet

Simple TCP Client/Server used to pass an object between client and server and tranfer files between Client/Server