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OkSocket - An blocking socket client for Android applications.

  •    Java

An blocking socket client for Android applications. The server is designed for beginners affiliated OkSocket library; beginners can install the project of the app to mobile phones, click the Connect button, the server is only familiar with communication methods and analytical way. The server does not support the heart back, not a commercial server. The server code in SocketServerDemo folder, please note that the reference was reading.

JustLog - JustLog brings logging on iOS to the next level

  •    Swift

JustLog takes logging on iOS to the next level. It supports console, file and remote Logstash logging via TCP socket with no effort. Support for logz.io available. At Just Eat, logging and monitoring are fundamental parts of our job as engineers. Whether you are a back-end engineer or a front-end one, you'll often find yourself in the situation where understanding how your software behaves in production is important, if not critical. The ELK stack for real-time logging has gained great adoption over recent years, mainly in the back-end world where multiple microservices often interact with each other.

ClientServerProject - 一个C-S模版,该模版由三部分的程序组成,一个服务端运行的程序,一个客户端运行的程序,还有一个公共的组件,实现了基础的账户管理功能,版本控制,软件升级,公告管理,消息群发,共享文件上传下载,批量文件传送功能。具体的操作方法见演示就行。本项目的一个目标是:提供一个基础的中小型系统的C-S框架,客户端有三种模式,无缝集成访问,winform版本,wpf版本,asp

  •    CSharp

A CS development framework based on small-to-medium sized refining, covering computer-side, web-side, and mobile-side full-platform system templates, will include some commonly used repetitive function codes, such as network communication mechanisms, in most one-to-many system designs. Client version control, account control management, password modification, announcement management, server configuration, various common windows, etc., and most small and medium-sized systems just need simple rights management.  This framework contains four client-side modes, the first commonly used winform client, the second is the wpf client, the third is the asp.net mvc mode, and the fourth is the client of the Android platform. You can choose a mode on winform and wpf clients, then your system provides some functions (such as report viewing) to asp.net, and then provide an Android app for mobile phone use, if the server is assumed in the cloud, all People can interact with anytime, anywhere, data flow, all account models are unified, the browser is also convenient for some people who only need to view the report users do not need to deploy the client. Of course, the client can provide more powerful features.

node-net-keepalive - Provides high-level access to socket options like TCP_KEEPINTVL and TCP_KEEPCNT

  •    Javascript

The Missing (TCP_KEEPINTVL and TCP_KEEPCNT) SO_KEEPALIVE socket option setters and getters for Node using ffi module. Tested on linux, should work on osx and freebsd. Now using iptables add rule to drop all tcp packets on INPUT chain to port 1337.


  •    C++

The IBMStreams/streamsx.tcp GitHub repository is home to the Streams TCP toolkit. This toolkit contains a versatile C++ operator named TCPServer which is a multi-connection, multi-threaded operator that accepts text or binary data from one or more TCP sockets. This operator supports full duplex TCP communication and can accept and send data via a TCP socket connection. It is ideal for ingesting and publishing data in real-time from multiple remote TCP clients via a single source operator. This toolkit proved to be very useful in many high performance commercial Streams engagements. If you are interested in taking advantage of this toolkit, you can start reading the following to understand the technicalities about the TCPServer operator.

ongameserver_laster40_CSharpNetworkLib - 온라인 서버 제작자 모임에서 닉네임 '규승'님이 공개한 온라인 게임 서버/클라이언트 코드

  •    CSharp

온라인 서버 제작자 모임에서 닉네임 '규승'님이 공개한 온라인 게임 서버/클라이언트 코드. http://cafe.naver.com/ongameserver/7157

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