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Sonoff-Tasmota - Provide ESP8266 based itead Sonoff with Web, MQTT and OTA firmware using Arduino IDE or PlatformIO

  •    C++

Alternative firmware for ESP8266 based devices like iTead Sonoff with web, timers, 'Over The Air' (OTA) firmware updates and sensors support, allowing control under Serial, HTTP, MQTT and KNX, so as to be used on Smart Home Systems. Written for Arduino IDE and PlatformIO. See RELEASENOTES.md for release information and sonoff/_changelog.ino for detailed change information.

ioBroker.sonoff - Control Sonoff-Tasmota devices via ioBroker

  •    Javascript

Requires node.js 4.0 or higher. This adapter communicates with Sonoff devices with Tasmota firmware or ESP devices via MQTT.

addon-tasmoadmin - TasmoAdmin - Community Hass.io Add-on for Home Assistant

  •    Dockerfile

Centrally manage all your Sonoff-Tasmota devices. The installation of this add-on is pretty straightforward and not different in comparison to installing any other Hass.io add-on.