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nar - node

  •    LiveScript

Idiomatic application packager utility for node.js to create self-contained executable applications that are ready-to-ship-and-run.nar provides built-in support for creating, extracting, installing and running applications easily from a simple configuration through a featured command-line interface or evented programmatic API.

tar-fs - fs bindings for tar-stream

  •    Javascript

filesystem bindings for tar-stream.tar-fs allows you to pack directories into tarballs and extract tarballs into directories.

tar-stream - tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator.

  •    Javascript

tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator and nothing else. It is streams2 and operates purely using streams which means you can easily extract/parse tarballs without ever hitting the file system.Note that you still need to gunzip your data if you have a .tar.gz. We recommend using gunzip-maybe in conjunction with this.

gulp-tar - Create tarball from files

  •    Javascript

Filename for the output tar archive.Default options passed to Archiver's constructor and merged into the data passed to its append method.

download-git-repo - Download and extract a git repository (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) from node.

  •    Javascript

Download and extract a git repository (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) from node. Download a git repository to a destination folder with options, and callback.

github-archive-stream - Stream an archived github repository.

  •    Javascript

Streams a .tar.gz (or .zip) archive from GitHub using the archive link api. It makes two http requests since the first is always a 30x redirect response. Stream latest master branch of ipfs/go-ipfs to the file 'ipfs.tar.gz'.

download-github-repo - Download and extract a GitHub repository from node.

  •    Javascript

Download and extract a GitHub repository from node. Download GitHub repo (eg. ianstormtaylor/router) to a destination folder and callback. Defaults to the master branch, but you can specify a branch or tag as a URL fragment like ianstormtaylor/router#my-branch.

dbdeployer - DBdeployer is a tool that deploys MySQL database servers easily.

  •    Go

DBdeployer is a tool that deploys MySQL database servers easily. This is a port of MySQL-Sandbox, originally written in Perl, and re-designed from the ground up in Go. See the features comparison for more detail. With dbdeployer, you can deploy a single sandbox, or many sandboxes at once, with or without replication.

gittar - :guitar: Download and/or Extract git repositories (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket)

  •    Javascript

Gittar is a Promise-based API that downloads *.tar.gz files from GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket. Parses the repo name, then looks for matching tarball on filesystem. Otherwise, a HTTPS request is dispatched and then, if successful, the archive is saved to ~/.gittar at the appropriate path.

tartifacts - :package: Create artifacts for your assemblies

  •    Javascript

The tool to create artifacts for your assemblies. Copy only the necessary files and pack them in tar.gz file.

nrd - Download directly from the npm registry without using the npm CLI 🤓

  •    Javascript

nrd comes packaged with a fantastic command line utility. Trust me, I created it.

crystar - Crystal language Tar Module implements access to tar archives.

  •    Crystal

Shard Crystar implements access to tar archives. No external library needed. This is written in pure Crystal.

code-scanning-javascript-demo - GitHub Code Scanning Javascript Tutorial

  •    Javascript

Welcome to the Code Scanning JavaScript Tutorial! This tutorial will take you through how to set up GitHub Advanced Security: Code Scanning as well as interpret results that it may find. The following repository contains vulnerability CVE-2018-20835 (aka Zip Slip). Code scanning is a feature that you use to analyze the code in a GitHub repository to find security vulnerabilities and coding errors. Any problems identified by the analysis are shown in GitHub.

tarball-url-info - take a tarball and return an object with tarball path, version, etc

  •    Javascript

you get tarball urls from package metadata. curl https://registry.npmjs.org/lodash the obj.versions[version here].dist.tarball contains the tarball url. if you find yourself with only a tarball url this library is for you.