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Plausible Analytics - Simple, open-source, lightweight (< 1 KB) and privacy-friendly web analytics alternative to Google Analytics

  •    Elixir

Plausible Analytics is a simple, lightweight (< 1 KB), open-source and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. It doesn’t use cookies and is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. You can self-host Plausible or have us run it for you in the Cloud. It is easy to understand and it cuts through the noise. Check your site traffic and get all the essential insights on one page in one minute. There are no layers of menus, there is no need for you to build custom reports, custom dashboards or PowerPoint documents.

smelte - UI framework with material components built with Svelte and Tailwind CSS

  •    Svelte

Smelte is a UI framework built on top of Svelte and Tailwind CSS using Material Design spec (hence the name). It comes with many components and utility functions making it easy to build beautiful responsive layouts while keeping bundle size and performance at check all thanks to Svelte. Then add the Smelte Rollup plugin (after svelte but before css). Webpack support coming soon.

twind - The smallest, fastest, most feature complete Tailwind-in-JS solution in existence.

  •    TypeScript

Twind is a small compiler (~13kB) that converts Tailwind classes into actual CSS rules at runtime. If you have used Tailwind or other CSS-in-JS solutions, then most of the API should feel very familiar. Get all the benefits of Tailwind without the need for Tailwind, PostCSS, configuration, purging, or autoprefixing.

windicss - Next generation utility-first CSS framework.

  •    TypeScript

Next generation utility-first CSS framework. If you are already familiar with Tailwind CSS, think about Windi CSS as an on-demanded alternative to Tailwind, which provides faster load times, fully compatible with Tailwind v2.0 and with a bunch of additional cool features.

tailwindcss - A Tailwind CSS frontend preset for the Laravel Framework

  •    Blade

A Laravel front-end scaffolding preset for Tailwind CSS - a Utility-First CSS Framework for Rapid UI Development. The default tailwind.config.js configuration file included by this package simply uses the config from the Tailwind vendor files. Should you wish to make changes, you should remove the file and run node_modules/.bin/tailwind init, which will generate a fresh configuration file for you, which you are free to change to suit your needs.

tall - A TALL (Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, Laravel and Livewire) Preset for Laravel

  •    PHP

A front-end preset for Laravel to scaffold an application using the TALL stack, jumpstarting your application's development. Note: If you're looking for an application boilerplate that supports the TALL stack, you should check out Laravel Jetstream. It comes with authentication scaffolding, account management, teams support.

tailwindcss-intellisense - Intelligent Tailwind CSS tooling for Visual Studio Code

  •    TypeScript

Tailwind CSS IntelliSense enhances the Tailwind development experience by providing Visual Studio Code users with advanced features such as autocomplete, syntax highlighting, and linting. In order for the extension to activate you must have tailwindcss installed and a Tailwind config file named tailwind.config.js in your workspace.

wave - Wave - The Software as a Service Starter Kit, designed to help you build the SAAS of your dreams 🚀 💰

  •    PHP

View a live demo here, or deploy your own instance to DigitalOcean, by clicking the button below. During the installation we need to use a MySQL database. You will need to create a new database and save the credentials for the next step.

tailwind-landing-page-template - Simple Light is a free landing page template built on top of TailwindCSS and fully coded in React

  •    Javascript

Simple Light is a free landing page template built on top of TailwindCSS and fully coded in React. Simple light is designed to provide all the basic components a developer need to create a landing page for SaaS products, online services, and more. Use it for whatever you want, and be sure to reach us out on Twitter if you build anything cool/useful with it. Created and maintained with ❤️ by Cruip.com. This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.


  •    Javascript

This is a personal portfolio website of theme Ubuntu 20.04, made using React.js & tailwind CSS. If you want to edit this. Clone this project and edit the files in /src/components. To run this on localhost type npm start and when u are done coding type npm run build to build your app.


  •    Vue

A website simulating linux system's GUI, using theme of Deepin distro. You can write blogs with markdown and use it to serve your own technical resumes. After setting up, if your configuration is correct, then the project will run as expected. All of your changes in /blog directory will be identically projected onto the linked website (according to your settings).

tailwind-starter-kit - Tailwind Starter Kit a beautiful extension for TailwindCSS, Free and Open Source

  •    CSS

Tailwind Starter Kit is Free and Open Source. It does not change or add any CSS to the already one from TailwindCSS. It features multiple HTML elements and it comes with dynamic components for ReactJS, Vue and Angular. Tailwind Starter Kit comes with 120 Fully Coded CSS elements.

Tailwind CSS - A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development

  •    Javascript

A utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces. It is packed with classes like flex, pt-4, text-center and rotate-90 that can be composed to build any design, directly in your markup. It automatically removes all unused CSS when building for production, which means your final CSS bundle is the smallest it could possibly be. In fact, most Tailwind projects ship less than 10kB of CSS to the client.

v-dashboard - Dashboard starter template built with Vue 3 and Tailwind CSS.

  •    Vue

Dashboard starter template built with Vite, Vue 3, Tailwind CSS and TypeScript. Copied from https://github.com/tailwindcomponents/dashboard and converted to Vue.

awesome-tall-stack - A curated list of awesome things related to the TALL stack.


A curated list of awesome things related to the TALL stack. The TALL stack is a full stack development solution featuring some of the libraries built by the Laravel community. It features tools that allows you to write apps with a focus on backend and without having to write too much JavaScript, thus allowing you to focus on a smaller set of programming tools.

tailwindcss-stimulus-components - A set of StimulusJS components for TailwindCSS apps similar to Bootstrap JS components

  •    Javascript

This is a set of components (Tabs, Modals, Dropdowns, etc) for TailwindCSS that uses StimulusJS controllers. The goal is to make using TailwindCSS as easy as Bootstrap when it comes to adding Javascript components.

tailwind - 🔥 A schematic that adds Tailwind CSS to Angular applications

  •    TypeScript

This schematic will add Tailwind CSS to your Angular application. IMPORTANT for AngularCLI users: As of April 06 2021, create-nx-workspace@latest still generates Angular with AngularCLI 11.0.7 which does not have built-in TailwindCSS support. Please update AngularCLI by running ng update @angular/cli before running this schematics.

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