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test-your-sysadmin-skills - A collection of *nix Sysadmin Test Questions and Answers for Interview/Exam (2018 Edition)


ℹ️ This project contains 250 test questions and answers that can be used as a test your knowledge or during an interview/exam for position such as *nix System Administrator. ✔️ The answers are only examples and do not exhaust the whole topic. Most of them contains useful resources for a deeper understanding.

setup - Nodejs system setup

  •    Javascript

This will set your wlan0 card to connect at boot, use dhcp for ip settings, e connect to the SSID 'myWirelessName'. Your ethernet card will have a static ip.

txeh - Go library and CLI utilty for /etc/hosts management.

  •    Go

It is easy to open your /etc/hosts file in text editor and add or remove entries. However, if you make heavy use of /etc/hosts for software development or DevOps purposes, it can sometimes be difficult to automate and validate large numbers of host entries. txeh was initially built as a golang library to support kubefwd, a Kubernetes port-forwarding utility utilizing /etc/hosts heavily, to associate custom hostnames with multiple local loopback IP addresses and remove these entries when it terminates.

joincap - Merge multiple pcap files together, gracefully.

  •    Go

Merge multiple pcap files together, gracefully. I believe skipping corrupt packets is better than failing the entire merge job. When using tcpslice or mergecap sometimes pcapfix is needed to fix bad input pcap files.