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MeiliSearch - Ultra relevant, instant and typo-tolerant full-text search API

  •    Rust

MeiliSearch is a powerful, fast, open-source, easy to use, and deploy search engine. The search and indexation are fully customizable and handles features like typo-tolerance, filters, and synonyms. It features include Search as-you-type experience, Full text search, Supports Synonym, Highly customizable, RESTfull API and lot more.

match-query-parser - Yet another solution to Solr multiterm synonyms :)

  •    Java

Tightly control how Solr query parsing and execution by parsing the user's full query using a query analyzer. (happens to also be a fix for multiterm synonyms). Read more in this blog post.A single field to be searched.

jargon - Tokenizers and lemmatizers for Go

  •    Go

The tokenizer preserves all tokens verbatim, including whitespace and punctuation, so the original text can be reconstructed with fidelity (“round tripped”). In turn, Jargon offers a lemmatizer, for recognizing canonical and synonymous terms. For example the n-gram “Ruby on Rails” becomes ruby-on-rails. It implements “insensitivity” to spaces, dots and dashes.

synonym-extractor - Extract synonyms, keywords from sentences using modified implementation of Aho Corasick algorithm

  •    Python

Synonym Extractor is a python library that is loosely based on Aho-Corasick algorithm. The idea is to extract words that we care about from a given sentence in one pass.

node-thesaurus-com - Look up synonyms/antonyms on thesaurus.com.

  •    Javascript

Use thesaurus.com to look up synonyms and, if available, antonyms. Moreover, it comes with an executable called tcom, which can be used to start a search from the shell. The output is either plain-text (by default) or JSON.

geneSynonym - Quick access to gene synonyms

  •    R

Names of vectors within the list are NCBI ids. Input is a vector of gene names/NCBI ids and a tax identifier. Alternatively shorthand functions exist for human and mouse.

synonymous.el - A thesaurus at your fingertips

  •    Emacs

Synonymous is a simple Emacs plugin that allows you to select a word and replace it with a synonym or antonym. It uses x-menu for offering choices, and the simple functions synonymous-synonyms and synonymous-antonyms for displaying the selection menu. It's paired with the synonymous server if you would like to run the server locally, otherwise it accesses an instance running on OpenShift.

ala-name-matching - Atlas name matching API and index generation

  •    Java

This is the API in use by the Atlas of Living Australia to match scientific name to taxon concepts. This API borrows heavily from the name parsing great work done by GBIF in their scientific name parser library This code contains additions for handling some Australian specific issues. Currently there are 2 versions of this library, 2.x and 3.x.

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