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minification-benchmarks - 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃 JS minification benchmarks: babel-minify, esbuild, terser, uglify-js, swc, google closure compiler

  •    TypeScript

Want to see more projects listed? PRs welcome! See the contribution guide for more info. UglifyJS takes first place for minification performance by winning 9 out of 11 races. When short, it only loses to Google Closure Compiler by less than 9 kB! Impressively, it's still written in ES5 but can handle ES6 up to ES2020.

playerglobal - Versions of playerglobal.swc to target Flash Player from 9.0 onward

  •    Batchfile

This repository contains a version of playerglobal.swc (a library containing the API to Adobe Flash Player) corresponding to every major release of Adobe Flash Player. You can target the Flash version of your choice by dynamically linking against the relevant swc with the target compiler flag when compiling with mxmlc or ASC 2.0 (eg, -target=11.5, -target=10.1).

AIRControl - Adobe AIR Game Controller Native Extension.

  •    ActionScript

Adobe AIR Game Controller Native Extension. Everything needed to use this extension including the ANE, SWC, AS docs, and full ActionScript source code, can be found under native_extension/AIRControl.

dts2as - Convert TypeScript definitions (d

  •    TypeScript

Note: This project is no longer under active development. Use at your own risk. A command line utility that converts TypeScript definitions (d.ts files) to ActionScript classes and interfaces and generates a SWC file. Use these SWCs with Apache FlexJS for strict compile-time type checking, as if the JavaScript library were written in ActionScript. You can add the SWCs to IDEs, like Visual Studio Code, Flash Builder, or IntelliJ IDEA, and you'll get helpful code suggestions as you type.

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