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swagger-codegen - swagger-codegen contains a template-driven engine to generate documentation, API clients and server stubs in different languages by parsing your OpenAPI / Swagger definition

  •    HTML

📔 The eBook A Beginner's Guide to Code Generation for REST APIs is a good starting point for beginners. Check out OpenAPI-Spec for additional information about the OpenAPI project.

go-swagger - Swagger 2.0 implementation for go

  •    Go

This package contains a golang implementation of Swagger 2.0 (aka OpenAPI 2.0): it knows how to serialize and deserialize swagger specifications. Swagger is a simple yet powerful representation of your RESTful API.

swagger-rs - A set of common utilities for crates generated by swagger-codegen

  •    Rust

A set of common utilities for crates generated by swagger-codegen

swagger-py-codegen - a Python web framework generator supports Flask, Tornado, Falcon, Sanic

  •    Javascript

Alpha version for now, it may not handle all validation properly. If you found a bug, feel free to contact us. Then you can visit in a browser.

PSSwagger - The cmdlet generator from OpenAPI (f.k.a Swagger) specification

  •    PowerShell

A PowerShell module with commands to generate the PowerShell commands for a given RESTful Web Services using Swagger/OpenAPI documents. Future note: We plan on supporting PowerShell 4+ for module consumers in the future; that scenario is untested currently. Testing note: While any full PowerShell version is fine for development, we recommend using PowerShell 5.1+ to enable testing our implementation of Get-FileHash.

sbt-swagger-codegen - sbt Plugin for Scala code generation for Swagger specs

  •    Scala

Like the official swagger-codegen this project aims to generate Scala source code from Swagger 2.0 Specification compliant API descriptions. Moreover, you can do it directly within an sbt project. This code generator is designed specifically for Swagger Spec Version 2.0. Moreover, it relies on Play! Framework 2.6 for Json marshalling/unmarshalling, server- and client-side code.

swagger-gradle-codegen - 💫 A Gradle Plugin to generate your networking code from Swagger

  •    Kotlin

A Gradle plugin to generate networking code from a Swagger spec file. This plugin wraps swagger-codegen, and exposes a configurable generateSwagger gradle task that you can plug inside your gradle build/workflows.

swagger-codegen-play-scala - Swagger client generator which is based on the PlayWS library

  •    Scala

A code generator for Swagger which generates API clients with the help of the PlayWS library. This code generator is based on the akka-scala generator included in the Swagger Codegen distribution. To use the client you must inject a corresponding API handler into your controller or service. Every API handler itself has a dependency to the ApiInvoker which must be instantiated with the global configuration and an instance of the WSClient. It's the best to wire this dependencies with your preferred DI method.

oas-nodegen - A library for generating completely customizable code from the Open API Specification (FKA Swagger) RESTful API documentation using the scripting power of Node

  •    Javascript

A library for generating completely customizable code from the Open API Specification (FKA Swagger) RESTful API documentation using the scripting power of Node.js. This library is used to compose scripts that produce customizable output using the simple components depicted below. Most of the customization occurs in the various callbacks that the library exposes. Phase callbacks are used to modify the specification data prior to being sent to templates. The Write callbacks are used to route processed portions of the specification to their target template and location in the filesystem.


  •    Javascript

Node generator is command line tool to generate Node-RED node modules from several various sources including Swagger specification and function node's source. Using this tool, node developers can dramatically reduce their time to implement Node-RED node modules. You may need to run this with sudo, or from within an Administrator command shell.

go-oas3 - Open API v3 server code generator

  •    Go

The purpose of this project is to generate a clean server boilerplate code from openapi v3 specification. The generated code based on github.com/go-chi/chi router. Generator goes over all paths and components and generates Go structs and stubs. Take a note that path stubs generation relies on the first tag from your paths.

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