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create-react-pwa - https://github

  •    HTML

https://github.com/facebookincubator/create-react-app + Progressive Web App goodness

Workbox: JavaScript libraries for Progressive Web Apps

  •    Javascript

Workbox is a collection of JavaScript libraries for Progressive Web Apps. Workbox is available on npm. We have installation instructions available depending on your build tool or bundler of choice, including webpack. Even on an unreliable connection, your web app can still work using the right runtime caching strategies.

sw-precache-webpack-plugin - Webpack plugin that generates a service worker using sw-precache that will cache webpack's bundles' emitted assets

  •    Javascript

SWPrecacheWebpackPlugin is a webpack plugin for using service workers to cache your external project dependencies. It will generate a service worker file using sw-precache and add it to your build directory. A simple configuration example that will work well in most production environments. Based on the configuration used in create-react-app.

todo-angular-firebase - Todo app with Angular CLI • AngularFire2 • Firebase • OAuth • SW-Precache

  •    TypeScript

A simple Todo app example built with Angular, Angular CLI and AngularFire2. The app features a Firebase backend with OAuth authentication. Try the demo at ng2-todo-app.firebaseapp.com.

preact-cli-sw-precache - Preact cli plugin for configuring sw-precache

  •    Javascript

Preact cli plugin for configuring sw-precache. This plugin allows you to customize the behaviour of auto bundled sw-precache module. You can specify all the custom config that sw-precache accepts and hence make your service worker more powerful.

brunch-with-marionettejs - Marionette

  •    Javascript

This is a modern Progressive Web App JS skeleton with Marionette.js for Brunch. sw-precache is a module for generating a service worker that precaches resources. It's added as part of Brunch plugin sw-pracache-brunch.

sw-precache-brunch - :rocket: Service Worker Precache plugin for brunch.

  •    Javascript

Adds Service Worker Precache support to brunch. Install the plugin via npm with npm install --save-dev sw-precache-brunch.

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