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PocketSVG - Easily convert your SVG files into CGPaths, CAShapeLayers, and UIBezierPaths

  •    Objective-C++

A simple toolkit for displaying and manipulating SVGs on iOS and macOS in a performant manner. The goal of this project is not to be a fully compliant SVG parser/renderer. But rather to use SVG as a format for serializing CG/UIPaths, meaning it only supports SVG features that can be represented by CG/UIPaths.

simple-icons - SVG icons for popular brands

  •    HTML

Free SVG icons for popular brands. See them all on one page at SimpleIcons.org. Contributions, corrections & requests can be made on GitHub. Started by Dan Leech. Icons can be downloaded as SVGs directly from our website - simply click the icon you want, and the download should start automatically.

gulp-boilerplate - :rocket: A opinionated gulp boilerplate for individuals and teams

  •    CSS

A gulp ITCSS Sass based boilerplate for individuals and teams. Lints and concatenates JS files. Compiles Sass files and automatically adds vendor prefixes. Exports both minified JS and CSS files with header info. Generates SVG sprites.

svgson - Transform svg files to json notation

  •    Javascript

Simple tool to transform svg files and Strings into Object or JSON. Useful to manipulate SVG with js, to store in noSQL databses.

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