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svelte-material-ui - Svelte Material UI Components

  •    Svelte

A library of Svelte 3 Material UI components, based on the Material Design Components - Web. To get started, check out the installation docs.

svelte-spa-router - Router for SPAs using Svelte 3

  •    Javascript

Want to learn Svelte 3 and how to build a Single-Page App (SPA) with it (and with this router)? Check out my book Svelte 3 Up and Running on Amazon. This module is a router for Svelte 3 applications, specifically optimized for Single Page Applications (SPA).

svelte-materialify - A Material UI Design Component library for Svelte heavily inspired by vuetify.

  •    Svelte

Svelte Materialify is soon to be deprecated is favour of svelterialjs. My exams are still going on as they were postponed due to the increasing number of CoVID cases in my country. A better Material UI design framework for Svelte with full support for light / dark themes and customisability.

svelte-calendar - A lightweight datepicker with neat animations and a unique UX.

  •    Svelte

A small date picker built with Svelte 3. Demo available here: demo page. These properties set the minimum and maximum dates that will be rendered by this calendar. It is recommended that you do not leave these as their defaults and supply values which suit your application's needs.

svelte-portal - Svelte component for rendering outside the DOM of parent component

  •    Javascript

target can be a HTMLElement target={document.body} or a css selector target="#modals" that points to an already existing element. When no target is given it defaults to: document.body.

svelte-translator - Tools for helping svelte v2 & v3 work together

  •    Javascript

Use svelte v2 features inside svelte v3, and use svelte v3 features inside svelte v2. Because sometimes there's no amount of automated component rewriting that will make things work but you want to start a gradual transition. You'll also need to use npm@6.9.0 or higher so that you can install svelte@2 and svelte@3 side-by-side.

svelte-table - A svelte-3 table implementation that allows sorting and filtering

  •    Svelte

A relatively minimal svelte table example. Allows sorting and filtering based on column values. An iife version is also available in the /dist/iife folder. This allows for easy run-time use, such as a direct uncompiled dependecy for a use outside of a svelte project.

vim-svelte-plugin - Vim syntax and indent plugin for .svelte files

  •    Vim

Vim syntax and indent plugin for .svelte files. Forked from vim-vue-plugin. This plugin works if it has set filetype to svelte. Please stay up to date. Feel free to open an issue or pull request.

ModalFileManager - A web technology based file manager built with NW

  •    Svelte

This project is for creating a file manager using web technologies. It is designed to run as a NW.js application. Node.js is the main language used with Svelte for the frontend UI. Currently, it can`t transfer files to other programs with Drag and Drop due to a limitation of the NW.js program that is based on the Chrome browser. I should be able to get past this limitation soon by using lower level commands to the operating system.

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