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emoncms - Web-app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data

  •    PHP

There are differences between the standard version of emoncms and the version of emoncms running on emoncms.org. This repository contains the code for the standard version of emoncms, currently in version 9. This is the version installed on the OpenEnergyMonitor SD Card that comes with the EmonPi and EmonBase and is recommended for all self-install versions of emoncms. The emoncms.org version Github: emoncms/emoncmsorg is a fork that is specific for multi-server installations. While both versions share the same roots the code for emoncms.org differs significantly to the standard version of emoncms, the user experience is intended to be similar but there are currently a number of differences in the API and look of the inputs and feeds interfaces as well as a reduced feature set in general on emoncms.org in order to ensure stability. In general development on emoncms.org moves slower than the standard emoncms for this reason.

kartevonmorgen - Mapping for Good

  •    Nix

von morgen supports kindness, sustainability and joint action. Everything that brings a little happiness to our world. We believe that living in a de‐stressed, environmental‐friendly and trust‐worthy society, is already in progress. We want to support people in finding ways to embrace those values. The Map von morgen is a website and app, that allows users to share their favorite places in the world. Places that are forward‐thinking and inspiring. The goal is to collect projects, companies and events that make a world of tomorrow, already experienceable today.

openfairdb - Open Fair DB

  •    Rust

A micro backend for Karte von morgen written in Rust. The API is now available at

Sustainable-Earth - A curated list of all things sustainable

  •    Ruby

A curated list of all things sustainable. The list is divided into categories such as Books, Companies, Apps, Movies. There is no pre-established order of items in each category, the order is for contribution. If you want to contribute, please read the guide.

sustainable-oss-attributes - :purse: What does a sustainable open source project look like?


In a recent blog post I wanted to articulate what a successful, sustainable open source project looks like, including what kinds of work do people do on it, and what kind of community of users and contributors it has. Then with that as an end point, we can work backwards to figure out how to bring that world to life. Contributions and discussions are very welcome, just open an issue or a pull request.

sdg-indicators - Development website for collecting and disseminating UK data for the Sustainable Development Goal global indicators

  •    Javascript

This is a development website for collecting and disseminating UK data for the Sustainable Development Goal global indicators. This is a collaboration between the ONS Sustainable Development Goals team and the ONS Data Science Campus, building on the earlier work of the US GSA. For any guidance on how to use the website or develop it further for your own country, please refer to the wiki. Please send any comments and feedback to sustainabledevelopment@ons.gov.uk.