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react-native-super-grid - Responsive Grid View for React Native

  •    Javascript

Responsive Grid View for React Native. This component renders a Grid View that adapts itself to various screen resolutions.

Super Mario Limitless

  •    CSharp

Super Mario Limitless is an in-development Mario-based platformer engine. It aims to be as close as possible to the 2D Mario series, and it will emulate the SMW physics engine. It is being written in C# using the XNA Game Framework.

marvel-characters - :boom: all Marvel comic book characters

  •    Javascript

A list of all public comic book character names in the Marvel universe, sourced from the API.Total Characters: 1,252 Last Updated: Sunday, July 19th, 2015.

super-sphere - A minimal action game by Kenneth Reitz.

  •    Lua

Super Sphere! is a minimal action game by Kenneth Reitz, with music, graphics, and programming all done by Kenneth Reitz. It is heavily inspired by Super Hexagon, but is designed to be more addictive/repayable.

redefine - lightweight utility for smart object properties definition

  •    Javascript

a lightweight yet powerful ES5 utility. The most updated, future proof, actively maintained, and widely compatible way to define classes is es-class.

Curso-JavaScript-Super-Sayajin - :rice: Curso COMPLETO de JavaScript do básico ao avançado, trilhando o caminho Funcional

  •    Javascript

Precisei remover todos os dados das ISSUES a pedido do Github. Curso COMPLETO de JavaScript do básico ao avançado trilhando o caminho Funcional com ES6.

super-workshop-js - Super Workshop JS :gear: Workshop with JavaScript technologies

  •    Javascript

To engage and involve people who want to learn and collaborate together. This experimental workshop repo is intended as a fuondation and designed for faster learning curve of practicing, implementing, and teaching friendly best practice of various web technologies.

super-mario-maker-client - A client for fetching and bookmarking Super Mario Maker courses.

  •    HTML

A client for fetching and bookmarking Super Mario Maker courses. Super Mario Maker Client will fetch course data from the Super Mario Maker bookmark portal site. (https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net) It will also allow you to use your Nintendo Network ID and password to log in and bookmark courses to play immediately in game on your Wii U console.

mmclass - ES5 Class util which follow the semantics of ES6 max-min class

  •    Javascript

MMClass is just another JavaScript Class factory, like Class in Prototype, MooTools or Base2. But it follow the semantics of ES6 max-min class draft, so all codes written with MMClass are expected to be compatible with ES6. Note: As ES6, Dog.[[prototype]] should be Pet so that Dog class can inherit all "static" properties on Pet. MMClass follow this semantic via setting __proto__ . Most engines support this pseudo property, if it's not supported, MMClass will copy all properties.

react-super-modal - An opinionated React modals library based on UX patterns and principles.

  •    Javascript

An opinionated React modals library based on UX patterns and principles. React Modals is just a component that will render it's children inside a modal.

pjs - Classes for javascript that don't suck.

  •    Javascript

P.js is a lightweight layer over javascript's built-in inheritance system that keeps all the good stuff and hides all the crap. Okay.

super - Secure, Unified, Powerful and Extensible Rust Android Analyzer

  •    Rust

SUPER is a command-line application that can be used in Windows, MacOS X and Linux, that analyzes .apk files in search for vulnerabilities. It does this by decompressing APKs and applying a series of rules to detect those vulnerabilities. But, why create a new analyzer? Is it not enough with MobSF, Qark, Androbugs…? Well, we think it's not enough. All of them have two main issues we wanted to fix: They are written in Java or Python and they are not easily extensible. They are not meant to be used by businesses directly working in Android analysis, and don't put that kind of functionality first.

vue-super - Vue.js plugin that allows you to reference methods on parent classes

  •    Javascript

Provides a $super handler for accessing parent vue methods from a subclass. Behaves similarly to python's super implementation. For convenience, methods are directly accessible on the $super object. However, this behavior is only valid on a final subclass.

unherit - Clone a constructor without affecting the super-class

  •    Javascript

Create a custom constructor which can be modified without affecting the original class. This package is ESM only: Node 12+ is needed to use it and it must be imported instead of required.

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