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node-summary - Node module that summarizes text using a naive summarization algorithm

  •    Javascript

Summarizes text using a naive summarization algorithm, based off of the Python implementation by shlomibabluki. And now with UTF8 support, thanks to xissy.

pytorch-summary - Model summary in PyTorch similar to `model.summary()` in Keras

  •    Python

Keras has a neat API to view the visualization of the model which is very helpful while debugging your network. Here is a barebone code to try and mimic the same in PyTorch. The aim is to provide information complementary to, what is not provided by print(your_model) in PyTorch.

TextTeaser - Automatic Summarization Algorithm

  •    Scala

TextTeaser is an automatic summarization algorithm that combines the power of natural language processing and machine learning to produce good results. It can provide provide a gist of an article, Better previews in news readers.

daggr - filter and aggregate numeric data in plaintext or json form

  •    Javascript

daggr reads records on stdin and filters, transforms, and aggregates them based on the command-line flags. It processes both text and JSON data. It's inspired by both awk(1) and dtrace(1M).

geojson-summary - Generate a plain-english summary of what is in a GeoJSON file.

  •    Javascript

Generate a plain-english summary of what is in a GeoJSON file.Given a GeoJSON object, return an object with sentence (string) and parts (array of strings) members describing the object.

details-polyfill - Polyfill for the HTML5 <details> element, no dependencies

  •    Javascript

details-polyfill is available via npm.Requiring it will immediately inject the needed behaviors.

node-pullquoter - Automatically pull interesting quotes out of an article.

  •    CoffeeScript

Automatically pull interesting quotes out of an article. Well, until now a human being had to spend several moments choosing which quotes to feature. This node module uses basic text summarization techniques to find interesting sentences to use as pull quotes automatically.

ccna - A summary of CCNA-useable cisco commands by @EliasMeire and @Haroenv [WIP]

  •    CSS

A summary of all commands useable in CCNA 1 and 2. which might require ruby to be installed, refer to rubyinstaller.org.

summarizer - Scrapes a remote page and creates a summary with statistics

  •    Javascript

Scrapes a remote page and creates a summary with statistics.

php-summary - 📝 Automatically summarises text, using a naive summarisation algorithm

  •    PHP

A PHP library to automatically summarise text using a naive summerisation algorithm. This summerisation algorithm in use takes the key sentence from each paragraph. It then strings these resulting sentences together to form the summary.

summarize - Node.js module to extract and summarize html content

  •    Javascript

Get summaries of webpage content. true if content was parseable, false if not.

WWDC17-Recap - A collection of session summaries in markdown format, from WWDC17


Summaries for the sessions from WWDC17 in markdown format. Notes are not intended to give the full experience or not aiming to replace watching them. They are just side notes if you want to check during/after the session or to get a brief idea before diving into.

RobotMotionPlanning_summary - Summary for TUM lecture "Robot Motion Planning".

  •    TeX

This summary does not claim to be error-free or complete, so please let me know if something has to be changed, added or corrected. The best way is to...

tasty-commits - :lollipop: Simple commit message convention for easily digestible history streams


As a visual person, I find it difficult to read through large commit history logs in binary color schemes (i.e. black / white). In order to improve readability and understandability of my commit history I started prefixing my messages with emojis in a consistent manner.

Article-Summarizer - Uses frequency analysis to summarize text.

  •    Python

Uses frequency analysis to summarize text. Scores are assigned to sentences and sentences that are rich with relevant words will have higher scores. The highest scoring sentences are then printed in chronological order to produce a summary. The following are all summaries of articles. If any of the links are dead, the content of each article can be found in the folder "sample_articles". These articles are all randomly selected and do not represent my opinions, views or what news websites I follow.

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