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suit - Style tools for UI components

  •    CSS

Style tools for component-based UI development. Each of these modules are made up of smaller modules, making it easy to customize your setup and build pipeline.

postcss-bem-linter - A BEM linter for postcss

  •    Javascript

A PostCSS plugin to lint BEM-style CSS.BEM-style describes CSS that follows a more-or-less strict set of conventions determining what selectors can be used. Typically, these conventions require that classes begin with the name of the component (or "block") that contains them, and that all characters after the component name follow a specified pattern. Original BEM methodology refers to "blocks", "elements", and "modifiers"; SUIT refers to "components", "descendants", and "modifiers". You might have your own terms for similar concepts.

github-user-search - Browse GitHub users with React

  •    Javascript

Requests are cached in session storage to limit the use of the API. A personal project built with React, Redux and other tools to search users and view their profiles on Github. Nothing serious.

select - Providing a solid base for redesigning the native select element

  •    CSS

A SUIT CSS component providing a solid base for redesigning the native select element. Note: not tested with the multiple attribute.

emma.css - :fork_and_knife: Emma.css { emmet-like utility classes }

  •    CSS

Emmet-like utility classes for rapid and easy front-end development. Install or download Emma.css from one of these sources.

components-button - Component CSS for buttons

  •    HTML

A SUIT CSS component that provides a structural UI button template to be extended with modifiers. Read more about SUIT CSS's design principles.

preprocessor - A future-facing CSS preprocessor (used by SUIT CSS)

  •    Javascript

SUIT CSS preprocessor. Provides a CLI and Node.js interface for a preprocessor that combines various PostCSS plugins.

stylelint-config-suitcss - SUIT CSS config for stylelint

  •    Javascript

SUIT CSS shareable config for stylelint. Configuration rules to ensure your CSS code is compliant with SUIT CSS's code style.

stylelint-suitcss - A collection of stylelint plugins for SUIT CSS

  •    Javascript

A collection of stylelint plugins for SUIT CSS. Add stylelint-suitcss to your stylelint config plugins array, then add rules you need to the rules object.

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