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Medusa - Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows

  •    Python

Before using this with your existing database (sickbeard.db) please make a backup copy of it and delete any other database files such as cache.db and failed.db if present We HIGHLY recommend starting out with no database files at all to make this a fresh start but the choice is at your own risk. A full list can be found here. Jackett is supported, however it must be configured as follows.



SubtitleTools is a small utility that helps modifying existing subtitles or downloading new ones based on the digital signatures of your movie files from opensubtitles.org site.


  •    CSharp

Repair persian subtitle problem

Youtube-Auto-Subtitle-Download - :coffee: Download Youtube Subtitle (work best at Chrome + Tampermonkey)

  •    Javascript

:coffee: Download Youtube Subtitle (work best at Chrome + Tampermonkey)

videoshow - Simple node

  •    Javascript

Simple utility for node/io.js to create straightforward video slideshows based on images using ffmpeg, with additional features such as audio, subtitles and fade in/out transitions between slides.videoshow is used in production rendering thousands of videos per month.

subdownloader - :pencil: Painless subtitle downloader

  •    Javascript

Downloading subtitle for one or more files is just a command away. It can get any better then this.To download subtitles for all the movies in a folder execute.

go-astisub - Manipulate subtitles in GO (.srt, .stl, .ttml, .vtt (webvtt), etc.)

  •    Go

This is a Golang library to manipulate subtitles.It allows you to manipulate srt, stl, ttml and webvtt files for now.

srt - A tiny library for parsing, modifying, and composing SRT files.

  •    Python

srt is a tiny Python library for parsing, modifying, and composing SRT files. Take a look at the quickstart for a basic overview of the library. Detailed API documentation is also available. Want to see some examples of its use? Take a look at the tools shipped with the library.

subsync - Fix the syncronization of your srt subtitles.

  •    Javascript

subsync is a command line tool to syncronize srt subtitles. You can use it to fix subtitles with both constant and variable time shift.


  •    Javascript

Parse srt subtitle files

videobook - Subtitles as a language learning tool

  •    TypeScript

An HTML5 video player with navigable subtitles. Works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox (50+).

subdb-cli - Download subtitles from the command line

  •    Javascript

Download subtitles from the command line. Uses the api from http://thesubdb.com. Need a CLI for Pirate Bay? Try kaizoku.

subtitles-translation - Subtitles for animated shorts of Morevna Project

  •    Python

This is a repository for the collective translation of subtitle files. however there are many more options you can explore with ./tool/msrt_embed --help.

videojs-ass - Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitle plugin for videojs

  •    Javascript

Add Advanced SubStation Alpha (ASS) subtitles support to videojs using the libjass library. for bower or npm whichever you prefer using.

dualsub-supports - Make YouTube player display two languages subtitle(caption)


Dualsub is an extension to make YouTube player display two subtitles(aka closed caption) in the same time. The alternative subtitle will be inserted to the original text as a new line, and set font size a bit smaller.

subtitle-collapsingtoolbar - CollapsingToolbarLayout with Subtitle

  •    Java

This layout is a CollapsingToolbarLayout with subtitle support. Ever wondered how WhatsApp did with their contacts profile activity? this layout is mimicking that behavior. Assuming you already knew how to use the standard CollapsingToolbarLayout material. if you never use that before this tutorial have good explanation on how to do it.

SubSync - Automatically download subtitles for your movies

  •    CSharp

I hope this little tool comes to help you out as much as it did for me. My girlfriend and I both struggled with using the VLC Sub add-on for downloading subtitles, a tool that we previously been using lots! And when that tool stopped working on later days, keep being unresponsive and continuesly crashing VLC, we had to manually look for those darn subtitles on the web and if you have a lot of shows to watch then its a huge pain in the ass. SubSync is a tool that will keep your movies folder synchronized with subtitles. That means, if you add a video file to the folder or its sub-folders being watched a subtitle will automatically be downloaded for that movie.

subtitler - Downloading subtitles with Swift

  •    Swift

Subtitler uses the API of OpenSubtitles.org to retrieve subtitles for your movies and tv shows. Just give a path to the file to Subtitler, everything else is handled by it. Note: you will need your own user agent. More info about OpenSubtitles user agents here.

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