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  •    Silverlight

A .net c# webTV framework.

Okeros POS

  •    DotNet

Okeros POS is point of sale system targetted at Small and Medium Businesses. It is primarily for doing sales, stock control, and expense management. It is developed in .NET Framework with C# 3.0 and SQL 2005 as database.

AppBox for ExtAsp.Net


Application Box for ExtAsp.net.

SiteManager - A Simple SEO Driven CMS


This is a simple CMS (content management system) built for small business websites. Our primary focus was to keep the HTML wirefame dynamic, content SEO optimized, and provide easy configuration for Google Webmasters, sitemap generation, and Google Analytics.

SubSonic Tools for Visual Studio


The SubSonic Tools integrate the SubSonic code-generation features in Visual Studio 2005. They can be used to generate your DAL in a Web Site, an EXE (WinForms/Service) or a DLL project. The generated files are automatically added to your project's solution and managed by the ...

alpine-subsonic - Docker configuration for the Subsonic Media Streamer using Alpine Linux

  •    Shell

This repository contains configuration to build a Subsonic media streamer Docker container. This work was derived from Michael Scherig's Subsonic Docker Image repo, but uses Alpine Linux as the base container for a smaller footprint (about 250M vs 512M for the Debian based version). For the example below, we assume your media is under /var/music_on_host and can be read by uid 10000 on the host computer. (either chmod your entire media library o+rX or set it to the correct uid/gid). Feel free to change the media directory to match your reality.

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