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react-broadcast - Reliably communicate state changes to deeply nested React elements

  •    Javascript

react-broadcast provides a reliable way for React components to propagate state changes to their descendants deep in the component hierarchy, bypassing intermediaries who return false from shouldComponentUpdate.It was originally built to solve issues that arose from using react-router together with react-redux. The router needed a safe way to communicate state changes to <Link>s deep in the component hierarchy, but react-redux relies on shouldComponentUpdate for performance. react-broadcast allows the router to work seamlessly with Redux and any other component that uses shouldComponentUpdate.

nchan.js - NPM package for the Javasript client for Nchan

  •    Javascript

Websocket, EventSource & Long-Poll client wrapper for Nchan, a pub/sub server for the modern web.

litt - The smallest javascript event emitter in the world.

  •    Javascript

litt: tiniest 104b javascript event emitter / pubsub in the world. Litt was made for all ES6 JavaScript platforms.

emissary - Node mixins for subscribing to and emitting events *no longer maintained*

  •    CoffeeScript

Achtung! This library is currently used in Atom and various Atom dependencies, but our long-term plan is to transition away from it in favor of the simpler event-kit library. Don't depend on supporting this library forever. Achtung Again! The Subscriber mixin requires ES6 Harmony WeakMaps. To enable them, run your program with the node --harmony_collections flag. If you're using it in a node framework such as jasmine, run its script with the flag enabled as follows: node --harmony-collections .bin/jasmine-node specs.

LogViewer - A multi-purpose logviewer

  •    Pascal

LogViewer is a general purpose message viewer for log messages with support for multiple sources to receive messages from. The application is a modular design which can easily be extended to support other message types and transfer protocols. Each of these receivers support multiple subscribers for which messages can be displayed in a dedicated logviewer.

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