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GoJS - JavaScript diagramming library for interactive flowcharts, org charts, design tools, planning tools, visual languages

  •    Javascript

GoJS is a JavaScript and TypeScript library for creating and manipulating diagrams, charts, and graphs. GoJS is a flexible library that can be used to create a number of different kinds of interactive diagrams, including data visualizations, drawing tools, and graph editors. There are samples for flowchart, org chart, business process BPMN, swimlanes, timelines, state charts, kanban, network, mindmap, sankey, family trees and genogram charts, fishbone diagrams, floor plans, UML, decision trees, pert charts, Gantt, and hundreds more. GoJS includes a number of built in layouts including tree layout, force directed, radial, and layered digraph layout, and a number of custom layout examples.

gnome-shell-extension-ozshell - GNOME Shell extension for interfacing with the OZ application sandboxing framework

  •    Javascript

This is a Gnome Shell extension for interfacing with the OZ application sandboxing framework. It allows viewing the running sandboxes, adding and removing user files into the sandboxes, terminating them, and opening a shell terminal inside the sandbox.

supergraph-demo - 🍿 Compose subgraphs into a supergraph at build-time with static composition to power a federated graph router at runtime

  •    Shell

Moving from dynamic composition to static composition with supergraphs. Apollo Federation and Managed Federation have delivered significant improvements over schema stitching and alternate approaches. Static composition introduces another big step forward as we move composition out of the Gateway and into the CI pipeline where federated graph changes can be validated sooner and built into static artifacts that define how a Gateway should route requests across the subgraphs in a federation.