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HTTPretty - HTTP client mocking tool for Python, it's like ruby's FakeWeb for python

  •    Python

Due to big API incompatibility between python 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5, the author of HTTPretty is not supporting python3 officially. You will notice that the travis build for python 3 might be broken, and while pull requests fixing py3 support are most welcome, it is still not official at least for now. Since you are interested in HTTPretty you should also be interested in speeding up your build. Replace pip with curdling and see your build running a lot faster.

cloudflare-worker-preact-pwa - Cloudflare worker running a Preact Progressive Web App

  •    Javascript

This example app deploys the awesome Progressive Web App created by preact-cli to a Cloudflare worker. It also implements dynamic server side rendering using a Redux store. It uses the default Material Design preact-cli template, with the addition of Redux. The app is interactive in 1.2 seconds on mobile 3G as tested at webpagetest.org using Chrome on a Motorola G (gen 4) tested from Dulles, Virginia on a 1.6 Mbps 3G connection with 300ms of latency. Check out the results here.

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