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Gekko-Strategies - Strategies to Gekko trading bot with backtests results and some useful tools.

  •    Javascript

Gekko Trading Bot. Repository of strategies which I found at Git and Google, orginal source is in README or .js file. Strategies was backtested, results are in backtest_database.csv file. I used ForksScraper and Gekko BacktestTool to create content of this repository.

CPU Scheduling Simulator


CPU Scheduling Simulator (CPUSS) is a framework that allows you to quickly and easily design and gather metrics for custom CPU scheduling strategies.

batchman - This library for Android will take any set of events and batch them up before sending it to the server

  •    Java

BatchMan (short for batch manager) is an android library implementation responsible for batching of events based on the configurations done by the client, and giving the batch back to the client. The library has been written in a more flexible way, so that the client can plugin his own implementations for batching.

igthorn - Cryptocurrency trading platform

  •    Elixir

Igthorn is a batteries-included cryptocurrency trading platform written in Elixir. Igthorn is a boilerplate for kick-starting your crypto trading project. It contains everything you need to immediately focus on writing profitable algos instead of worrying about setup, custom framework etc.

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