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jquery-steps - A powerful jQuery wizard plugin that supports accessibility and HTML5.

  •    Javascript

A powerful jQuery wizard plugin that supports accessibility and HTML5.jQuery Steps is a lightweight wizard UI component written for jQuery.

cli-guide.js - CLI Guide JQuery Plugin

  •    Javascript

A Javascript library for creating interactive command line tutorials that run in your web browser.

node-planify - Plan a series of steps and display the output in a beautiful way

  •    Javascript

Plan a series of concrete steps and display their output in a beautiful way.Ever wanted to write a simple CLI that run a series of tasks with beautiful output? I did and I always ended up doing a thin wrapper repeatedly. This library provides a concise way to define these tasks while offering a handful of reporters to output the progress in a variety of ways.

breeze - Javascript async flow control manager

  •    Javascript

Functional async flow control library built on promises. Managing promises and async code has never been easier. Add step to flow chain.

svg-path-contours - gets a discrete list of points from svg

  •    Javascript

Approximates an SVG path into a discrete list of 2D contours (polylines). This is useful for collision detection, intersection, triangulation & WebGL rendering, etc. It does not attempt to clean or optimize the discretized points.See demo/index.js for exmaple.

atomic - HTML5 circular progress indicator

  •    Javascript

Atomic is a HTML5 circular progress bar. It functions with minimal use of DOM elements, CSS and JS. Atomic will be used by the getting started pages of Nodejitsu and observe.it.To include atomic.js in your project, include it in your browserify build. For standalone usage gulp builds are available to create minified and obfuscated output.

react-form-steps-example - Form steps example with React.js

  •    CSS

Form steps example with React.js. Check out the live example. Either fork and clone this repository or download it as a .zip from the button on the right side of the repo's GitHub page.

jquery-wizard - An asynchronous form wizard that supports branching.

  •    Javascript

This plugin turns a standard HTML form into a wizard by breaking it into a series of well-defined steps. The purpose of these steps is to better group related inputs, preventing the user from becoming overwhelmed at the size or complexity of a form and helping them to better understand the structure of an unfamiliar form. The basic stucture of the wizard revolves around steps and branches, the latter being optional. A simple, linear form may only require one branch that contains all of the steps, whereas a complex form may require the use of several branches, or even nested branches. The number of steps and branches in a form is thus left entirely to the developer.

cordova-plugin-pedometer - Cordova / PhoneGap Core Motion Pedometer Plugin for Apache Cordova >= 3

  •    Java

Fetch pedestrian-related pedometer data, such as step counts and other information about the distance travelled. You do not need to reference any JavaScript, the Cordova plugin architecture will add a pedometer object to your root automatically when you build.

node.flow - A deadly simple flow control package for node.js

  •    Javascript

The asynchronous nature of javascript is what makes it so powerful. However sometimes you just need to do stuffs synchronously without blocking the event loop. Stuffs like query database in a loop with ids to assemble a hash, compressing a bunch of files in groups and compare with the old ones. You could easily end up with nested callbacks without using a flow control package. With node.flow you can set a work flow doing things one by one or in parallel, wait for all things are done in the parallel tasks to do the next task. You can set some default arguments for all tasks, giving each task its own arguments or pass task results to the next task as its arguments. The following code shows some base usage and the syntax of this package.

android-stepsview - A more complete version of stepsViews in android

  •    Java

A more complete version of android stepsView library. setting up stepviews we use chain methods such as example above. And here is more.

vue-stepper - A simple stepper with simple actions such as next, back and end to perform simple forms

  •    Vue

Stepper for Vue. A simple stepper with simple actions such as next, back and finish to perform simple forms.

bulma-steps - Bulma's extension to manage steps

  •    Javascript

There is another steps extensions for Bulma available from aramvisser. Thanks to him for the marker name idea and for the sizes mixin declaration (which is smart).

ng2-steps - Steps component for angular2 where each step is different component and everything is wired together

  •    TypeScript

Steps component for angular2 where each step is different component and everything is wired together.

step-control-ios - Step control with pager for iOS.

  •    Swift

A cool step-by-step indicator control within a pager for iOS developed in Swift. For the Android version go to this link. See the contribution guide.

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