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aws-lambda-power-tuning - Step Functions state machine generator for AWS Lambda Power Tuning

  •    Javascript

Step Functions state machine generator for AWS Lambda Power Tuning. The state machine is designed to be quick and language agnostic. You can provide any Lambda Function as input and the state machine will estimate the best power configuration to minimize cost. Your Lambda Function will be executed in your AWS account (i.e. real HTTP calls, SDK calls, cold starts, etc.) and you can enable parallel execution to generate results in just a few seconds.

aws-etl-orchestrator - A serverless architecture for orchestrating ETL jobs in arbitrarily-complex workflows using AWS Step Functions and AWS Lambda

  •    Python

Extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations collectively form the backbone of any modern enterprise data lake. It transforms raw data into useful datasets and, ultimately, into actionable insight. An ETL job typically reads data from one or more data sources, applies various transformations to the data, and then writes the results to a target where data is ready for consumption. The sources and targets of an ETL job could be relational databases in Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) or on-premises, a data warehouse such as Amazon Redshift, or object storage such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets. Amazon S3 as a target is especially commonplace in the context of building a data lake in AWS. AWS offers AWS Glue, which is a service that helps author and deploy ETL jobs. AWS Glue is a fully managed extract, transform, and load service that makes it easy for customers to prepare and load their data for analytics. Other AWS Services also can be used to implement and manage ETL jobs. They include: AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS), Amazon EMR (using the Steps API), and even Amazon Athena.

step-functions-demo - This is a demo project, created as a part of the blog post

  •    Javascript

This is a demo project, created as a part of the blog post. The project uses serverless for deployments.

stepfunctions-local - Execute AWS Step Functions locally

  •    Javascript

Stepfunctions-local provides a local AWS Step Functions server. This package only aims at replacing AWS Step Functions in a local context. Its API is totally compliant with AWS service, thus you can use it for your tests. Then, start stepfunctions-local server and you will be able to execute requests to StepFunctions API (GetActivityTask, SendTaskSuccess, ...).

cdk-stepfunctions-patterns - A set of Step Functions high-level resiliency patterns.

  •    TypeScript

cdk-stepfunctions-patterns library is a set of AWS CDK constructs that provide resiliency patterns implementation for AWS Step Functions. All these patterns are composable, meaning that you can combine them together to create quite complex state machines that are much easier to maintain and support than low-level JSON definitions.

datajob - Build and deploy a serverless data pipeline on AWS with no effort.

  •    Python

You can find the full example in examples/data_pipeline_simple. We have a simple data pipeline composed of 2 glue jobs orchestrated sequentially using step functions.

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