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ArchiSteamFarm - C# application that allows you to farm steam cards using multiple steam accounts simultaneously

  •    CSharp

ASF is a C# application that allows you to farm steam cards using multiple steam accounts simultaneously. Unlike Idle Master which works only for one account at given time, requires steam client running in background, and launches additional processes imitating "game playing" status, ASF doesn't require any steam client running in the background, doesn't launch any additional processes and is made to handle unlimited steam accounts at once. In addition to that, it's meant to be run on servers or other desktop-less machines, and features full cross-OS support, which makes it possible to launch on any .NET Core-supported operating system, such as Windows, Linux or OS X. ASF is possible thanks to gigantic amount of work done in marvelous SteamKit2 library. ASF doesn't require and doesn't interfere in any way with Steam client. In addition to that, it doesn't require exclusive access to given account, which means that you can use your main account in Steam client, and use ASF for idling the same account at the same time. If you decide to launch a game, ASF will get disconnected, and resume idling once you finish playing your game, being as transparent as possible during entire process.

greenworks - a node.js plugin to integrate nw.js/electron games with steamworks

  •    C++

Prebuilt binaries of Greenworks for NW.js & Electron can be found on the releases page. Guides and the API references are located in docs directory.

userstyle-flat-steam-ui - Flat, clean and simply Steam Store and Community redesign

  •    CSS

Install the Stylish Extension for your browser ( Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari , etc.), then add css file (from --- BEGIN --- to --- END --- comment) as a New Style.

ulib - ULib: A Lua library for more rapid development on Garry's Mod servers

  •    Lua

ULib is a developer library for GMod 13 (http://garrysmod.com/). Visit our homepage at http://ulyssesmod.net/.

ulx - ULX: A powerful administration addon for Garry's Mod

  •    Lua

ULX is an admin mod for Garry's Mod. ULX offers server admins an AMXX-style support. It allows multiple admins with different access levels on the same server. It features commands from basic kick, ban, and slay to fancier commands such as blind, freeze, voting, and more.

GameHub - All your games in one place

  •    Vala

GameHub allows to view, download, install, run and uninstall games from supported sources. It also allows to download bonus content for GOG games.