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netdata - Get control of your servers. Simple. Effective. Awesome! https://my-netdata.io/

  •    C

netdata is a system for distributed real-time performance and health monitoring. It provides unparalleled insights, in real-time, of everything happening on the system it runs (including applications such as web and database servers), using modern interactive web dashboards.netdata is fast and efficient, designed to permanently run on all systems (physical & virtual servers, containers, IoT devices), without disrupting their core function.

banshee - Anomalies detection system for periodic metrics.

  •    Go

Banshee is a real-time anomalies(outliers) detection system for periodic metrics.The latest 300 will be catched.

statsd - Daemon for easy but powerful stats aggregation

  •    Javascript

A network daemon that runs on the Node.js platform and listens for statistics, like counters and timers, sent over UDP or TCP and sends aggregates to one or more pluggable backend services (e.g., Graphite). values Each stat will have a value. How it is interpreted depends on modifiers. In general values should be integers.

statsite - C implementation of statsd

  •    C

Statsite is a metrics aggregation server. Statsite is based heavily on Etsy's StatsD https://github.com/etsy/statsd, and is wire compatible. Statsite is designed to be both highly performant, and very flexible. To achieve this, it implements the stats collection and aggregation in pure C, using an event loop to be extremely fast. This allows it to handle hundreds of connections, and millions of metrics. After each flush interval expires, statsite performs a fork/exec to start a new stream handler invoking a specified application. Statsite then streams the aggregated metrics over stdin to the application, which is free to handle the metrics as it sees fit.

netdata - Real-time performance monitoring, done right! https://www.netdata.cloud

  •    C

Netdata's distributed, real-time monitoring Agent collects thousands of metrics from systems, hardware, containers, and applications with zero configuration. It runs permanently on all your physical/virtual servers, containers, cloud deployments, and edge/IoT devices, and is perfectly safe to install on your systems mid-incident without any preparation. You can install Netdata on most Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and more), container platforms (Kubernetes clusters, Docker), and many other operating systems (FreeBSD, macOS). No sudo required.

go-runtime-metrics - Collect Golang Runtime Metrics, outputting to a stats handler

  •    Go

This library has a few optional flags it depends on. It won't be able to output stats until you call flag.Parse(), which is generally done in your func main() {}.

bell.js - No longer maintained. Use https://github.com/eleme/banshee instead please.

  •    Javascript

Bell.js is a real-time anomalies(outliers) detection system for periodic time series, built to be able to monitor a large quantity of metrics. It collects metrics form statsd, analyzes them with the 3-sigma, once enough anomalies were found in a short time it alerts us via sms/email etc.We eleme use it to monitor our website/rpc interfaces, including api called frequency, api response time(time cost per call) and exceptions count. Our services send these statistics to statsd, statsd aggregates them every 10 seconds and broadcasts the results to its backends including bell, bell analyzes current stats with history data, calculates the trending, and alerts us if the trending behaves anomalous.

statsd-php - a PHP client for statsd

  •    PHP

A PHP client library for the statistics daemon (statsd) intended to send metrics from PHP applications. When establishing the connection to statsd and sending metrics, errors will be suppressed to prevent your application from crashing.

cernan - telemetry aggregation and shipping, last up the ladder

  •    Rust

Cernan is a telemetry and logging aggregation server. It exposes multiple interfaces for ingestion and can emit to multiple aggregation sources while doing in-flight manipulation of data. Cernan has minimal CPU and memory requirements and is intended to service bursty telemetry without load shedding. Cernan aims to be reliable and convenient to use, both for application engineers and operations staff. If you'd like to learn more, please do have a look in our wiki.

trashed - Tell StatsD about request time, GC, objects and more

  •    Ruby

Set a #timing_dimensions lambda to return a list of dimensions to qualify per-request measurements like time elapsed, GC time, objects allocated, etc.Similarly, set a #gauge_dimensions lambda to return a list of dimensions to qualify measurements which gauge current state, like heap slots used or total number of live String objects.

java-dogstatsd-client - a java statsd client library

  •    Java

A tiny library allowing Java applications to communicate with DataDog statsd instances easily.

gostatsd - An implementation of Etsy's statsd in Go with tags support

  •    Go

An implementation of Etsy's statsd in Go, based on original code from @kisielk.The project provides both a server called "gostatsd" which works much like Etsy's version, but also provides a library for developing customized servers.

express-statsd - Statsd route monitoring middleware for connect/express

  •    Javascript

StatsD route monitoring middleware for Connect/Express. This middleware can be used either globally or on a per-route basis (preferred) and sends status codes and response times to StatsD.

statsd_exporter - StatsD to Prometheus metrics exporter

  •    Go

statsd_exporter receives StatsD-style metrics and exports them as Prometheus metrics.To pipe metrics from an existing StatsD environment into Prometheus, configure StatsD's repeater backend to repeat all received metrics to a statsd_exporter process. This exporter translates StatsD metrics to Prometheus metrics via configured mapping rules.

statsd-csharp-client - Statsd C# Client

  •    CSharp

A .NET Standard compatible C# client to interface with Etsy's excellent statsd server.Install the client via NuGet with the StatsdClient package.

funnel - An easy way to fetch aggregate metrics from various sources, and transport them into StatsD

  •    Javascript

An easy way to fetch aggregate metrics from various sources, and transport them into StatsD. Support for additional sources is always welcome.

rust-statsd - Statsd client implemented in Rust

  •    Rust

A StatsD client implementation of statsd in rust. You need rustc >= 1.8.0 for statsd to work.

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