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loppo - an extremely easy static site generator of markdown documents

  •    Javascript

Loppo is an extremely easy static site generator of markdown documents. You get your site with only one command. Please visit demo. Attention: Loppo is still in its very early stages. Use it in production at your own risk.

Manalyze - A static analyzer for PE executables.

  •    C++

My work on Manalyze started when my antivirus tried to quarantine my malware sample collection for the thirtieth time. It is also born from my increasing frustration with AV products which make decisions without ever explaining why they deem a file malicious. Obviously, most people are better off having an antivirus decide what's best for them. But it seemed to me that expert users (i.e. malware analysts) could use a tool which would analyze a PE executable, provide as many data as possible, and leave the final call to them. If you want to see some sample reports generated by the tool, feel free to try out the web service I created for it: manalyzer.org.

monopati - a minimalistic static content generator

  •    Python

A minimalistic static content generator. You can read the relevant post on why. Monopati is inspired by other great minimalistic content generators, like bucket3 and habu.

makefly - [ABANDONNED] Makefly is a fast and lightweight command line alternative to Nanoblogger static weblog engine

  •    Lua

WARNING: After having discovered Hugo static site generator, and compared it to Makefly, I decided to close Makefly project with its last version: 0.4.1. You can find a script to migrate from Makefly to Hugo on Github.

implant - Simple utility for embedding files/resources inside golang binaries

  •    Go

implant is a simple utility which allows data to be embedded directly in golang applications (implant is a synonym of embed). The expected use-case is that you have a HTTP-server, or similar golang application which you wish to distribute as a single binary but which needs some template files, HTML files, or other media.

iced - x86/x64 instruction decoder, encoder, formatter

  •    CSharp

High performance x86 (16/32/64-bit) instruction decoder, encoder and formatter. It can be used for static analysis of x86/x64 binaries, to rewrite code (eg. remove garbage instructions), to relocate code or as a disassembler. See below for some examples. All classes are in the Iced.Intel namespace.