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redux-webpack-es6-boilerplate - A starter project for modern React apps with Redux

  •    Javascript

Note: If you still want to use a previous version, please checkout old-original-structure branch. A boilerplate using the power and simplicity of React, Redux, Webpack 2 + HMR, and ES6 + JSX via Babel. Includes Webpack's Tree Shaking configuration. It's suitable for scalable applications and organized using the custom variation of the Ducks pattern — approach when each module's entry file (feature-name.js) contains all of its related constants, actions/action creators, selectors and its reducer.

runtime-types - Use flow type information at runtime

  •    Javascript

Use flow type information at runtime. Automatically generate validation code, ORM schemas, etc from the type definition. Then you can check various objects to make sure they match User at runtime.

coulomb - coulomb: a statically typed unit analysis library for Scala

  •    Scala

coulomb is a library for "static units", and 'coulomb' is the "unit of static" (aka charge). There is also a tutorial below.

redux-typed-saga - A type-safe alternative to redux-saga

  •    Javascript

Redux-typed-saga is an alternative, well-typed take on the awesome redux-saga. The inspiration for typing side effects came from Redux Ship. However, Redux Ship has a totally different paradigm, and I don't want to buy into that completely.

pragmatic-types - Small practical guide on Flow and TypeScript for JavaScript developers


Small practical guide on statically-typed languages for developers who switching from dynamically-typed languages to statically-typed versions. For example from JavaScript to TypeScript or Flow. This guide assumes at least some prior knowledge of dynamically-typed languages. The idea of this guide is to help make a mental shift from dynamic to static types.

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