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awesome-ssh - :computer: A curated list of SSH resources.


A curated list of SSH apps, libraries and resources. Inspired by the awesome list thing.

skm - A simple and powerful SSH keys manager

  •    Go

Download it from releases and extact it to /usr/bin or your PATH directory. So, where are my SSH keys? SKM will create SSH key store at $HOME/.skm and put all the SSH keys in it.

geofront - Simple SSH key management service

  •    Python

Geofront is a simple SSH key management server. It helps to maintain servers to SSH, and authorized_keys list for them. Read the docs for more details.

geofront-cli - It provides a CLI client for Geofront, a simple SSH key management server.

  •    Python

It provides a CLI client for Geofront, a simple SSH key management server. It is available on PyPI, so you can install it using pip installer. We, however, recommend to use pipsi instead so that geofront-cli and its dependencies don't make your global site-packages messy.

ssh-ldap-pubkey - Utility to manage SSH public keys stored in LDAP.

  •    Python

This project provides an utility to manage SSH public keys stored in LDAP and also a script for OpenSSH server to load authorized keys from LDAP. It’s a good practice to use some kind of a centralized user management, usually an LDAP server. There you have user’s login, uid, e-mail, … and password. What if we could also store public SSH keys on LDAP server? With this utility it’s easy as pie.

custom-ssh-key-buildpack - :key: Add an SSH key to you Heroku dyno :key:

  •    Shell

Use Custom SSH key buildpack if you need to, for example, download a dependency stored in a private repository. Based on http://stackoverflow.com/a/29677091/3303182.

ghost - A simple, server/less, single-api, multi-backend, ghostly secret-store/key-store for your passwords, ssh-keys and cloud credentials

  •    Python

ghost aims to provide a secret-store with a single, simple-to-use API supporting multiple storage backends without requiring a server to run. To that end, ghost supports file based backends like TinyDB and SQLite. Using other backends means, of course, that they need to be available to ghost, while ghost itself remains stateless.

pubkeystore - SSH Pubkey Registry

  •    Go

PubkeyStore is a ssh key management server, that provides public keys upon request, to be used with metaserver for VM seeding. You can find all the currently exposed APIs in proto/pubkeystore.proto.

lastpass-ssh - SSH key management with LastPass

  •    Ruby

This repository has a tool called lastpass-ssh which integrates LastPass with SSH. You store your SSH key passphrases in LastPass, and SSH key files somewhere else. To start using SSH, you type lastpass-ssh and it will unlock all SSH keys with appropriate passphrases taken from LastPass. You make yourself an "SSH" subfolder in the LastPass' "Secure Notes" and add secure notes there. Each note has a name and a passphrase. The name corresponds to the filename of the SSH key file, and the passphrase is its key's passphrase.

cedarkey - $2 hardware SSH keys storage

  •    C

This project is mostly intended to protect from "software" (trojans, etc.) extraction of ssh key and to provide more reliable method of storing keys than just keeping them on disk storage. It might not be as protected as smartcard against all physical attacks, however in some cases, it is more protected as it's transparent and wont have hidden backdoors like smartcards (e.g., CVE-2017-15361) and uses very simple protocol to reduce probability of software exploits using "corner cases" of protocol, such as, for example ASN.1 prone to have overflows and leaks (MITKRB5-SA-2009-002, MS04-007, CAN-2003-0545 and much more), due implementation complexity. The most important feature is the smallest possible size of the firmware. This will allow you to have a hardware dongle that can keep 3+ RSA4096(DER encoding) on 64k flash, or whopping 30 keys in 128k flash. As alternative you can take a look to gnuk, but it generates 110592 bytes firmware (current git snapshot), while Blue Pill have only 64k flash (officially).

ssh.pub - SSH.pub is a public key management system.

  •    PHP

This is a tool for managing public ssh keys. To make it easier to store, manage and install public ssh keys. This idea came from Jeff Lindsay and his Keychain.io Project. It ended a few years ago and i wanted to use it so i decided to rebuild it.

tg - TG is the greatest ssh bridge ever ! An SSH bridge, also known as SSH bastion or SSH gateway acts as proxy to handle your SSH connections

  •    Perl

TG is the greatest ssh bridge ever ! An SSH bridge, also known as SSH bastion or SSH gateway acts as proxy to handle your SSH connections. First of all, you must have an SSH key on your current machine.

cryptorious - CLI Password Manager

  •    Go

In your own AWS account, add a KMS key and grant your IAM user access. Will open a ncurses window and prompt you for username, password and a secure note. All input is optional.