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sandman2 - Automatically generate a RESTful API service for your legacy database. No code required!

  •    Python

sandman2 automagically generates a RESTful API service from your existing database, without requiring you to write a line of code. Simply point sandman2 to your database, add salt for seasoning, and voila!, a fully RESTful API service with hypermedia support starts running, ready to accept HTTP requests. This is a big deal. It means every single database you interact with, from the SQLite database that houses your web browser's data up to your production PostgreSQL server can be endowed with a REST API and accessed programatically, using any number of HTTP client libraries available in every language. sandman2 frees your data.

SQLiteDB - Basic SQLite wrapper for Swift 4

  •    Swift

SQLiteDB is a simple and lightweight SQLite wrapper for Swift. It allows all basic SQLite functionality including being able to bind values to parameters in an SQL statement. You can either include an SQLite database file with your project (in case you want to pre-load data) and have it be copied over automatically in to your documents folder, or have the necessary database and the relevant table structures created automatically for you via SQLiteDB. SQLiteDB also provides an SQLTable class which allows you to use SQLiteDB as an ORM so that you can define your table structures via SQLTable sub-classes and be able to access the underlying data directly instead of having to deal with SQL queries, parameters, etc.

Squeal - A Swift wrapper for SQLite databases

  •    Swift

Squeal provides access to SQLite databases in Swift. Its goal is to provide a simple and straight-forward base API, allowing developers to build on top in ways that make sense for their apps. The API provides direct SQL access, as well as a complete set of helpers to reduce SQL drudgery. It's not a goal of this project to hide SQL from the developer, or to provide a generic object-mapping on top of SQLite. The above example can be found in Squeal.playground to allow further exploration of Squeal's interface.

tuql - Automatically create a GraphQL server from a sqlite database

  •    Javascript

tuql is a simple tool that turns a sanely formatted sqlite database into a graphql endpoint. It tries to infer relationships between objects, currently supporting belongsTo, hasMany and belongsToMany. It also forms the basic mutations necessary to create, update, and delete objects, as well as assoicate many-to-many relationships.

mvessel - SQLite JDBC Driver for Android in Scala

  •    Scala

Mvessel is a JDBC driver written in Scala. The main goal is to allow the use of ORMs in Android.mockAndroid Contains classes from the Android Open Source project without the final modifier in order to be mocked. Used only for test purposes.

sqlite-analyzer - Code generation for Java/Android database access.

  •    Java

Code generation for Java/Android database access. Generates java/android database access code by analysing sqlite migration files or sqlite databases, keeping full control of what code is generated.

Squeaky-Android - Appropriately lightweight database creations and migrations with SQLite on Android

  •    Java

SQLite is simple and lightweight; it follows that managing SQLite databases on Android should be also. Squeaky strives to be a straightforward approach to creating, migrating, and accessing SQLite databases.

Sqlable - Swift library for making storing data in a SQLite database simple and magic-free

  •    Swift

Persistence is often a pain when making iOS apps. If you want to only use 1st party frameworks from Apple, your choice is either Core Data, or serializing to JSON or plist files. there’s a few nice 3rd party options, like Realm, but that’s mostly active objects doing a lot of dynamic things behind your back. If you want to just operate on plain structs, and just want to read and write to a database, Sqlable is the simplest option.

smilite - A Python module to retrieve and compare SMILE strings of chemical compounds from the free ZINC online database

  •    Python

smilite is a Python module to download and analyze SMILES strings (Simplified Molecular-Input Line-entry System) of chemical compounds from ZINC (a free database of commercially-available compounds for virtual screening, http://zinc.docking.org). Now supports both Python 3.x and Python 2.x. If you downloaded the smilite package from https://pypi.python.org/pypi/smilite or https://github.com/rasbt/smilite, you can use the command line scripts I provide in the scripts/cmd_line_online_query_scripts dir.

PSSQLite - PowerShell module to query SQLite databases

  •    PowerShell

This is a PowerShell module for working with SQLite. It uses similar syntax to the Invoke-Sqlcmd2 function from Chad Miller et al. This isn't a fully featured module or function.

watchdb - Keeping SQLite databases in sync

  •    Go

A tool for easily replicating a SQLite database across a network. watchdb is a tool that enables quick setup of master-slave synchronization for SQLite databases across a network.

DBFlowManager - A quick and easy database manager plugin library for your DBFlow databases.

  •    Java

A quick and easy database manager and viewer plugin library for your DBFlow databases to view, insert, delete, update the tables directly inside your app. Using this library, you can easily view, insert, delete, update the tables of your app's DBFlow database directly from your app by using just a single line of code.

gun-db - sqlite storage adapter for Gun database (javascript)

  •    Javascript

ODBC/Sqlite native persistence layer for gun! GUN is an Open Source Firebase with swappable storage engines (level, SQLite, etc.) that handles data synchronization across machines / devices. If you want to have maximum speed, you can set exclusive, which will gain about 30-40% speed; but you're only allowed one instance of Gun against this database. You can open multiple instances if they don't have the same database name.

Open-Hadith-Data - An open Hadith Library that contains full databases of 9 different books (including the Six Books)


A (.csv) file of the 'Ahadith' and 'Tafseel' with Arabic diacritics (tashkeel تشكيل), and Elaboration of Hadith (Tafseel تفصيل الحديث). A (.csv) file of the 'Ahadith' only without Arabic diacritics.

mvessel - SQLite JDBC Driver for Android in Scala

  •    Scala

Mvessel is a JDBC driver written in Scala. The main goal is to allow the use of ORMs in Android. mockAndroid Contains classes from the Android Open Source project without the final modifier in order to be mocked. Used only for test purposes.

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