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react-game-kit - Component library for making games with React & React Native

  •    Javascript

react-game-kit provides a set of helper components to make it easier to create games with React and React Native.The Loop component uses context to pass a subscribable game tick down your component tree. The Stage component does the same with game scale.

gulp.spritesmith - Convert a set of images into a spritesheet and CSS variables via gulp

  •    Javascript

This is the official port of grunt-spritesmith, the grunt equivalent of a wrapper around spritesmith. Alternative output formats include SASS, Stylus, LESS, and JSON.

aseprite - Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool (Windows, macOS, Linux)

  •    C++

There is a list of Known Issues (things to be fixed or that aren't yet implemented). If you found a bug or have a new idea/feature for the program, you can report them.

svg-sprite - SVG sprites & stacks galore — A low-level Node

  •    Javascript

It comes with a set of Mustache templates for creating stylesheets in good ol' CSS or one of the major pre-processor formats (Sass, Less and Stylus). Tweaking the templates or even adding your own custom output format is really easy, just as switching on the generation of an HTML example document along with your sprite. For an up-to-date list of browsers supporting SVG in general respectively SVG fragment identifiers in particular (required for <defs> and <symbol> sprites as well as SVG stacks) please refer to caniuse.com.

grunt-spritesmith - Grunt task for converting a set of images into a spritesheet and corresponding CSS variables

  •    Javascript

Grunt task for converting a set of images into a spritesheet and corresponding CSS variables. As of grunt-spritesmith@4.5.0, retina spritesheets/templates are supported. See the Retina parameters section for more information.

FPSAnimator - FPSAnimator is very easy animation library for Android TextureView and SurfaceView.

  •    Java

A simple but powerful Tween / SpriteSheet / ParabolicMotion / animation library for Android TextureView and SurfaceView. Include the FPSTextureView widget in your layout. Set FPS by attribute. Default FPS is 30. If you use SurfaceView , use FPSSurfaceVIew.

gulp-svg-sprite - SVG sprites & stacks galore — Gulp plugin wrapping around svg-sprite that reads in a bunch of SVG files, optimizes them and creates SVG sprites and CSS resources in various flavours

  •    Javascript

This document covers only gulp specific installation and configuration aspects. For a full list of features and options, please see the svg-sprite manual. NOTICE: By default, svg-sprite doesn't send any files downstream unless you configure it. There are tons of options available — please see below for some basic examples. Also, you should possibly take care of errors that might occur.

spritesmith - Utility that takes sprites and converts them into a stylesheet and its coordinates

  •    Javascript

Convert images into spritesheets and coordinate maps. We have moved from result.image being a binary string to it being a Buffer. This is to use more canonical conventions in Node.js.

Paint.NET Spritesheet Export Plugin


A Paint.NET FileType plugin that takes an image that contains sprites on multiple layers and lays them out into an evenly spaced spritesheet.



Creates a sprite sheet and you can also add sprites

Sprite Sheet Packer


Sprite Sheet Packer is a fully featured tool for combining multiple individual images into a single, efficiently laid out image.


  •    Javascript

Spritesheet.js is command-line spritesheet (a.k.a. Texture Atlas) generator written in node.js.

gl-sprite-batch - a high level "sprite" batch

  •    Javascript

This is a high level 2D sprite (i.e. textured quad) batcher, ideal for optimized rendering of text glyphs, particles, sprites, rectangles/lines, icons, etc. It tries to push as many sprites into the same draw call as possible, until the capacity is reached or the texture changes. This allows it to take advantage of texture atlases for minimal draw calls.Note that shape and texture are not actual vertex attributes, although they may affect each sprite.

node-thumbnails-webvtt - Video thumbnail generator generating WebVTT spec file

  •    Javascript

Thumbnails generator module. Uses WebVTT as thumbnails descriptor. Can pack thumbnails into spritesheet using node-sprit module.

spritebot - A GUI app to the SVGO library with the addition of creating SVG sprite sheets.

  •    Javascript

Your awkwardly ostentatious optimizing robot. This application is essentially a GUI wrapper around SVGO, but without all the configuration of SVGOMG.

spritesheet-templates - Convert spritesheet data into CSS or CSS pre-processor data

  •    CSS

spritesheet-templates, formerly json2css, was built as part of spritesmith, a tool that converts images into spritesheets and CSS variables. spritesheet-templates exports the function templater as its module.exports.

super-mario-sky - Creates a scrolling Super Mario inspired sky scape.

  •    Javascript

Super Mario Sky is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to easily create simple parallax scrolling clouds from old Super Mario Brothers games. Click Here to see a live demo.

sprite-additions - UIImage Category for handling sprite sheets

  •    Objective-C

Useful UIImage category for handling sprite sheets. This add-on smoothes the way of extracting images from a sprite sheet (texture atlas). Just copy UIImage+Sprite.h and UIImage+Sprite.m to your project or use CocoaPods to install the pod.

gulp-sprite-generator - Plugin that generate sprites from your stylesheets.

  •    Javascript

Generate sprites from stylesheets. Plugin that generate sprites from your stylesheets (using spritesmith) and then updates image references.

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