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AlipayOrdersSupervisor - :sparkles: 使用Node监视支付宝订单,即时通知服务器以实现免签约支付接口

  •    Javascript

支付宝免签约支付接口实现脚本 - NodeJS 版本 . 目前支付宝已经加强了登录的校验,极大影响工具便利性,现在推出了另一种解决方案,见利用有赞云和有赞微小店实现个人收款解决方案提供一种思路参考,可以直接按此仓库使用的方法应用到自己的系统中,或使用该仓库作为一个独立的服务.

electron-spider-jinshuju - nodejs爬取金数据表格,进行下载,封装到electron,提供可视化界面,方便用户操作

  •    Javascript

This project was generated with electron-vue using vue-cli. Documentation about the original structure can be found here.

spider - Nodejs 编写的爬虫工具

  •    Javascript

Nodejs 编写的爬虫工具

crawlerr - A simple and fully customizable web crawler/spider for Node

  •    Javascript

crawlerr is simple, yet powerful web crawler for Node.js, based on Promises. This tool allows you to crawl specific urls only based on wildcards. It uses Bloom filter for caching. A browser-like feeling. Creates a new Crawlerr instance for a specific website with custom options. All routes will be resolved to base.

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