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Hunspell - The most popular spellchecking library

  •    C++

Hunspell is a spell checker and morphological analyzer library and program designed for languages with rich morphology and complex compounding or character encoding. Hunspell interfaces: Curses, Ispell compatible pipe interface, OpenOffice.org UNO module

did_you_mean - The gem that has been saving people from typos since 2014

  •    Ruby

Ruby 2.3 and later ships with this gem and it will automatically be required when a Ruby process starts up. No special setup is required. Aside from the basic features above, the did_you_mean gem comes with experimental features. They can be enabled by calling require 'did_you_mean/experimental'.

JaSpell - Java spelling checking package

  •    Java

JaSpell is a Java spelling checking package. It is of particular interest for developers, since it provides a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow one to add spelling checking to any Java Application easily. JaSpell is implemented with basis on the ternary search tree.

SymSpell - 1 million times faster through Symmetric Delete spelling correction algorithm

  •    CSharp

Spelling correction & Fuzzy search: 1 million times faster through Symmetric Delete spelling correction algorithm The Symmetric Delete spelling correction algorithm reduces the complexity of edit candidate generation and dictionary lookup for a given Damerau-Levenshtein distance. It is six orders of magnitude faster (than the standard approach with deletes + transposes + replaces + inserts) and language independent.

textidote - Spelling, grammar and style checking on LaTeX documents

  •    Java

If so, you probably know that the process is far from simple. Since LaTeX documents contain special commands and keywords (the so-called "markup") that are not part of the "real" text, you cannot run a grammar checker directly on these files: it cannot tell the difference between markup and text. The other option is to remove all this markup, leaving only the "clear" text; however, when a grammar tool points to a problem at a specific line in this clear text, it becomes hard to retrace that location in the original LaTeX file. TeXtidote solves this problem; it can read your original LaTeX file and perform various sanity checks on it: for example, making sure that every figure is referenced in the text, enforcing the correct capitalization of titles, etc. In addition, TeXtidote can remove markup from the file and send it to the Language Tool library, which performs a verification of both spelling and grammar in a dozen languages. What is unique to TeXtidote is that it keeps track of the relative position of words between the original and the "clean" text. This means that it can translate the messages from Language Tool back to their proper location directly in your source file.

Spell Check Winforms TextBox.


WinForms TextBox with spell checking. This WinForms control encapsulates the WPF textbox which has in built spell-checking. Only uses .net framework so you should be able to use this control without installing any extra libraries.

Spell Corrector

  •    DotNet

A spell corrector that uses Bayes algorithm and BK (Burkhard-Keller) tree.

nspell - πŸ“ Hunspell compatible spell-checker

  •    Javascript

Hunspell compatible spell-checker in plain-vanilla JavaScript.nspell contains most of the essential core of Hunspell. It does not contain a tokeniser but leaves many details up to implementors. The main difference, conceptually, is that Hunspell is based on the user and their preferences, whereas nspell is based on explicitly passed in options, thus producing the same results regardless of OS, file-system, or environment.

vim-hugo-helper - A small Vim plugin with a set of helpers for Hugo https://gohugo.io

  •    Vim

A small Vim plugin to help me with writing posts with Hugo. :HugoHelperDraft drafts the current post.

spell - spell is a javascript dictionary module for node.js, and the browser (including amd)

  •    Javascript

spell is a javascript dictionary module for node.js, and the browser (including amd)

googlespell - A node module for the undocumented google spell API

  •    Javascript

A simple node.js module for accessing the (undocumented) Google Toolbar spellchecker API. It would probably be a good idea to only use this module for personal projects or things that will only have light traffic, as Google could yank acess to that API at any time for any reason. The usual...

hallelujahIM - hallelujahIM(ε“ˆεˆ©θ·―δΊš θ‹±ζ–‡θΎ“ε…₯法) is an intelligent English input method with auto-suggestions and spell check features, Mac only

  •    Javascript

hallelujahIM is an english input method with auto-suggestions and spell check features, Mac only(supports 10.9+ OSX). If functional you need is missing but you're ready to pay for it, feel free to contact me. If not, create an issue anyway, I'll take a look as soon as I can.

teacher - Spell check for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Teacher is your best friend when it comes to spell checking. It is simple but yet powerful After The Deadline API client. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

fuzzy - Spell checking and fuzzy search suggestion written in Go

  •    Go

Fuzzy is a very fast spell checker and query suggester written in Golang.

editsaurus - A tool to check your writing for weasel words, passive voice, etc.

  •    HTML

The purpose of this tool is to highlight potential writing pitfalls and encourage good habits. It has options to check a writing sample for adverbs, filler words, passive voice, lexical illusions, commonly misused words, and pronouns for clarity. It outputs the writing sample with each of the checked options highlighted where appropriate.

grammark - Open Source Grammar checker.

  •    CSS

A complete web application for identifying writing problems and offering suggestions. To run Grammark, you need to have a browser with Javascript enabled (almost all do by default).

expresso - Tool to analyze, edit and compare text styles in English -

  •    Javascript

Tool to analyze, edit and compare text styles in English - expresso-app.org. Expresso first analyses texts using Python Natural Language Toolkit package and then computes metrics relevant to writing style.

quollwriter - Quoll Writer - A writing application that lets you focus on your words.

  •    Java

Quoll Writer is a desktop writing application, written in Java that is designed to allow you to focus on writing and your words. It removes standard word processing conventions such as margins, indents and formatting in favor of a simple interface that keeps you focussed on writing and improving your writing skills. At least Java 1.7 is required to run Quoll Writer.

spacy_hunspell - :pencil2: Hunspell extension for spaCy 2.0.

  •    Python

This package uses the spaCy 2.0 extensions to add Hunspell support for spellchecking. Inspired from this discussion here. Add the spaCyHunSpell to the spaCy pipeline.

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